Austrian movie stars died in 2012

Here are 2 famous actresses from Austria died in 2012:

Margot Werner

Margot Werner (December 8, 1937 Salzburg-July 1, 2012 Munich) was an Austrian actor, ballet dancer and singer.

She began her career as a ballet dancer, performing with the Vienna State Opera Ballet and the Frankfurt Ballet, but later transitioned to acting and singing. Werner appeared in numerous films and television shows, including the Oscar-winning movie "The Tin Drum" and the popular German TV series "Tatort." She also released several albums throughout her career, showcasing her talents as a singer. In addition to her successful performing career, Werner was also an accomplished painter and sculptor. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 74.

Werner was born in Salzburg, Austria, and studied dance at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. She made her stage debut at the young age of 17 in a production of "Coppelia." After performing with the Vienna State Opera Ballet for several years, Werner joined the Frankfurt Ballet, where she had the opportunity to work with legendary dancer and choreographer William Forsythe.

Following her success as a dancer, Werner transitioned to acting and singing in the 1970s. She quickly became a sought-after actress, with roles in films such as "The Tin Drum" and "Lili Marleen." Werner also appeared on television, including in the long-running German crime drama "Tatort."

Werner was known for her unique voice, which allowed her to perform a wide range of musical styles. She released several albums throughout her career, including "Margot Werner Singt Die Songs Aus Dem Musical "Cats,"" which featured German-language versions of songs from the popular Broadway musical.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Werner was active in politics, supporting the Green Party in Germany. She also devoted time to her other passion, painting and sculpting, and exhibited her work in galleries throughout Germany.

Werner's legacy as a multi-talented artist was honored in 2019 when the Margot Werner Archiv was established in Munich, which aims to preserve and promote her work for future generations.

Uta Franz

Uta Franz (September 19, 1935 Bad Gastein-August 17, 2012 Villach) also known as Uta Franzmair or Uta Franzmeyer was an Austrian actor.

Uta Franz began her career in the early 1960s as a stage actress, performing in numerous productions throughout Austria and Germany. She later transitioned to film and television, appearing in popular Austrian and German productions such as "Tatort" and "Der Bulle von Tölz". Franz was also a trained voice actress and lent her voice to several animated films and television shows.

In addition to her acting work, Uta Franz was also a successful author, having published several books including a collection of short stories and a memoir about her childhood in the Austrian Alps. She was known for her dedication to environmental causes and was actively involved in promoting sustainable living practices in her community.

Uta Franz passed away in 2012 at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy as one of Austria's most beloved and accomplished performers.

Throughout her career, Uta Franz received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the arts. She was awarded the prestigious Kainz Medal by the City of Vienna in recognition of her outstanding performances on stage, and was also honored with the Cross of Merit for Science and Art by the Federal Republic of Germany. Franz was a passionate advocate for women's rights, and used her platform to speak out against gender discrimination and inequality in the entertainment industry. Despite facing numerous challenges as a female performer in a male-dominated field, she remained steadfast in her commitment to her craft and her principles. Today, Uta Franz is remembered not only for her talent and her accomplishments, but also for her kindness, generosity, and unwavering spirit.

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