Azerbaijani musicians died at 77

Here are 1 famous musicians from Azerbaijan died at 77:

Alexander Shirvanzade

Alexander Shirvanzade (April 18, 1858 Shirvan-August 7, 1935 Kislovodsk) otherwise known as A. Shirvanzade, Alexander Movsesyan or Shirvanzade was an Azerbaijani playwright, novelist and writer.

He was born into an Armenian family in the city of Shamakhi in Azerbaijan. Shirvanzade's work often explored themes of national identity, gender roles, and social justice, and he is considered one of the pioneers of modern Azerbaijani literature. A notable work of his is the play "Molla Nasraddin," which critiques traditional religious and societal norms through humor and satire. In addition to his writing, Shirvanzade was also involved in politics and was a member of the First State Duma of Russia. After the Bolshevik Revolution, he emigrated to Paris, where he continued to write and participate in the émigré community until his death in 1935.

Shirvanzade grew up in a multicultural and multilingual environment and was fluent in Azerbaijani, Armenian, Russian, and Persian. He studied law at the St. Petersburg University, but his passion for writing led him to pursue a career in literature. In 1889 he published his first novel "The Ghost", which was followed by several other works, including "Asker's Happiness" and "The Cancer of Society".

Shirvanzade's plays were widely popular and were performed not only in Azerbaijan but also in other regions of the Caucasus, Iran, and Turkey. His work was instrumental in shaping the modern Azerbaijani theater, as he introduced new techniques such as realism and naturalism. He also encouraged the use of the Azerbaijani language in literature and theater, as opposed to Persian or Russian.

In addition to his literary and political endeavors, Shirvanzade was also an advocate for women's rights. He wrote several articles and books on the topic, including "The Women's Question in the East". Shirvanzade believed that education was the key to women's liberation and actively supported the opening of schools for girls in Azerbaijan.

Shirvanzade's legacy continues to inspire generations of Azerbaijani writers and intellectuals, and his works are still widely read and performed. In recognition of his contributions to Azerbaijani culture, the government of Azerbaijan has established the Alexander Shirvanzade Literary Award to recognize outstanding contemporary writers.

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