Bangladeshi musicians died at 59

Here are 4 famous musicians from Bangladesh died at 59:

Humayun Faridi

Humayun Faridi (May 29, 1952 Dhaka-February 13, 2012 Dhanmondi Thana) also known as Humayun Faridee was a Bangladeshi actor. His child is Debjani Faridi.

Humayun Faridi began his career in the early 1980s on television drama and later moved on to movies. He acted in over 200 films and many television dramas throughout his career, gaining immense popularity in Bangladesh for his versatile acting skills. Faridi won several awards for his performances, including the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1995 and the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actor in 1999. In addition to acting, he was also involved in the theater and taught acting at the University of Dhaka. Tragically, he passed away in 2012 at the age of 59 due to a heart attack.

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Shahidul Zahir

Shahidul Zahir (September 11, 1955 Dhaka-April 5, 2015 Dhaka) was a Bangladeshi personality.

He was a prominent journalist, writer, and translator. He completed his graduation from Dhaka University in the 1970s and started his career in journalism. He worked with many leading newspapers and magazines like The Daily Star, The Independent, Holiday, and Forum. He was also a regular contributor to several international publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

In addition to journalism, Shahidul Zahir was known for his literary works. He translated many famous books into Bengali, including The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. He also wrote several books in Bengali, including a novel titled "Piplu's World".

Shahidul Zahir was a respected figure in the Bangladeshi intellectual community. He was an active participant in the country's cultural and political debates, and his work played an important role in shaping the public discourse. His sudden death in 2015 was a great loss to the Bangladeshi literary and journalistic community.

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Kirit Khan

Kirit Khan (October 29, 1955 Comilla-April 5, 2015) was a Bangladeshi personality.

He was a renowned journalist, television presenter, and media personality in Bangladesh. Khan started his career as a journalist in the early 1980s and worked for various newspapers and magazines. He then became known for his work as a television anchor, hosting several popular shows on different TV channels.

Khan was also involved in various social and cultural activities, including the promotion of traditional Bangladeshi folk culture. He was awarded the Ekushey Padak, one of the highest civilian honors in Bangladesh, in recognition of his contribution to journalism and media.

Kirit Khan passed away in 2015 at the age of 59, leaving behind a legacy as a respected journalist and media personality in Bangladesh.

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Narendranath Mitra

Narendranath Mitra (January 30, 1916 Faridpur District-April 5, 1975 Kolkata) also known as Narendranātha Mitra or Narendra Nath Mitra was a Bangladeshi writer, poet and journalist.

Narendranath Mitra was a renowned figure in the world of Bengali literature, and is often credited as being one of the architects of the "Partitions era" of Bengali literature. He was part of a group of writers who chronicled the impact of the Partition of Bengal in 1947, and his work often dealt with themes of displacement, identity, and loss. Mitra was also a prolific poet, writing several volumes of poetry that explored similar themes. In addition to his contributions to literature, Mitra also worked as a journalist for several years, writing for a number of newspapers and magazines in Kolkata. Despite his relatively short life, Mitra's work continues to be influential and widely read in Bengal and beyond.

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