South Korean movie actors died in the year 2007

Here are 1 famous actors from South Korea died in 2007:

Han Bong-soo

Han Bong-soo (August 25, 1933 Incheon-January 8, 2007 Santa Monica) also known as Han Bong-Soo, 한봉수, Han Bong-su, Han Pong-su, Grand Master Bong Soo Han, Master Bong Soo Han, Bon Soo Han of Korea, Snow Tiger or Bong Soo Han was a South Korean actor.

In addition to his acting career, Han Bong-soo was also a renowned martial artist. He was the founder and creator of the martial art known as Hapkido, which combines various techniques from other martial arts styles such as judo, aikido, and taekwondo. He started training in martial arts at a young age and became the personal bodyguard of the South Korean president Syngman Rhee in the 1950s. Han Bong-soo later moved to the United States in 1967 and continued to teach Hapkido to students around the world. He was also a stunt coordinator and choreographer for various Hollywood films, including "The Last Dragon" and "Billy Jack Goes to Washington". Throughout his career, Han Bong-soo was recognized and awarded for his contributions to martial arts and the entertainment industry.

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