Bangladeshi musicians died at 73

Here are 4 famous musicians from Bangladesh died at 73:


Jasimuddin (January 1, 1903 Faridpur District-March 13, 1976 Dhaka) was a Bangladeshi writer, poet, songwriter, teacher, radio personality and presenter.

He is considered one of the greatest poets in Bengali literature, particularly for his writings about rural life and the peasantry. Jasimuddin's famous works include his collection of poems called "Rangila Nayer Majhi" and his novel "Kobi O Baul". He was inspired by the folk music and culture of his native village and incorporated those influences into his writing. In addition to his literary works, Jasimuddin was a teacher and served as a government official in East Pakistan. He also worked for the radio station in Dhaka where he hosted a program called "Lalana". Jasimuddin's legacy continues to be celebrated in Bangladesh and his work remains an important part of the country's literary and cultural heritage.

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Bande Ali Mia

Bande Ali Mia (January 17, 1906 Pabna-June 17, 1979 Rajshahi) a.k.a. Bande Alo Miah was a Bangladeshi writer, poet, editor and journalist.

Born in Pabna district of Bangladesh, Bande Ali Mia was one of the prominent literary figures of the Bengali Language Movement of East Pakistan. He started his career as a journalist in the early 1930s and became the editor of the daily newspaper "Shikha". He was a prolific writer and published over 30 books in his lifetime. His notable works include "Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad", "Esho Khelaghar", and "Sita Nongor" among others. He was awarded the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1966 and the President's Award for Pride of Performance in 1978 for his significant contributions to Bangla literature. Bande Ali Mia passed away on June 17, 1979, in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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Muhammad Hamidullah Khan

Muhammad Hamidullah Khan (September 11, 1938 Bikrampur-December 30, 2011 Dhaka) was a Bangladeshi soldier and politician.

He was also a former Freedom Fighter who fought for the independence of Bangladesh in the Liberation War of 1971. After the war, he joined politics and actively participated in the development of the country as a member of Parliament. He served as a minister in the government for several years, holding various portfolios such as Defense, Relief, and Rehabilitation. In addition to his political career, he was also a successful businessman and owned several companies. He was highly respected for his leadership qualities and dedication to the development of Bangladesh.

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Dinesh Chandra Sen

Dinesh Chandra Sen (November 3, 1866 Bangladesh-November 20, 1939) a.k.a. Sen Dinesh Chandra was a Bangladeshi personality.

He was a prominent philosopher, linguist, and writer who made significant contributions to Bengali literature and culture. Sen's work focused on the study of Bengali folklore, and he published numerous works on the subject, including "Folk Tales of Bengal" and "The Ballads of Bengal". His research helped to preserve and document the traditional stories, songs, and customs of the Bengal region. In addition to his work as a folklorist, Sen was also a renowned linguist who studied the Sanskrit language and contributed to its development. He was also a champion of Indian independence and worked closely with other leaders of the Indian independence movement. Sen's legacy as a scholar and cultural figure is still celebrated in Bangladesh and India today.

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