Belarusian musicians died at 45

Here are 1 famous musicians from Belarus died at 45:

Veronika Cherkasova

Veronika Cherkasova (January 12, 1959 Minsk-October 20, 2004 Minsk) was a Belarusian journalist.

Cherkasova began her journalism career in the late 1980s, covering the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and its aftermath. She worked for several newspapers and magazines in Belarus, including the independent newspaper "Imya" ("Name"), where she was an editor. Cherkasova was known for her investigative reporting on corruption and human rights abuses in Belarus, often putting her own safety at risk. She received numerous international awards for her journalism, including the OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy in 2004. Her murder sent shockwaves through the Belarusian media community and raised concerns about freedom of the press in the country. The case remains unsolved.

She died in murder.

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