Czech movie actors died in the year 1978

Here are 2 famous actors from Czech Republic died in 1978:

Egon von Jordan

Egon von Jordan (March 19, 1902 Duchcov-December 27, 1978 Vienna) also known as Egon v. Jordan, E. von Jordan or Egon Jordan was a Czech actor.

He began his career in theater in the 1920s, and eventually transitioned to film in the 1930s. He appeared in over 80 films, often playing leading roles in Czech, German, and Austrian productions.

Jordan's talent as an actor was recognized internationally, and he was invited to perform in Hollywood in the 1940s. However, due to his strong opposition to the Nazi regime and his Jewish heritage, he declined the offer and instead remained in Europe.

During World War II, Jordan was a member of the Czech resistance and participated in several acts of sabotage against the Nazi occupation. After the war, he continued to work in theater and film, and was a prominent figure in the cultural scene of Vienna.

In addition to his acting career, Jordan was also a published author, known for his works of poetry, memoirs, and essays. He died in Vienna in 1978, leaving behind a legacy as an accomplished actor and cultural figure.

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Josef Hlinomaz

Josef Hlinomaz (October 9, 1914 Prague-August 8, 1978 Split) also known as J. Hlinomaz was a Czech journalist, painter, actor and illustrator.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and later worked as a journalist for several newspapers and magazines in Czechoslovakia. He was also a well-known painter, whose works were exhibited in many galleries and exhibitions throughout Europe.

Hlinomaz was also an accomplished actor and appeared in numerous films, including the classic Czechoslovak comedy "Limelight" and the historical epic "The White Sheik". He was also a prolific illustrator, providing artwork for many books and magazines.

After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Hlinomaz emigrated to Yugoslavia and settled in the city of Split. He continued to paint and exhibit his works there, and also wrote for local newspapers. Hlinomaz died in Split in 1978 at the age of 63.

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