Belgian actors who were born in 1923

Here are 5 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1923:

Ivo Michiels

Ivo Michiels (January 8, 1923 Mortsel-October 7, 2012 Le Barroux) also known as Henri Ceuppens or Henri Paul René Ceuppens was a Belgian screenwriter, actor, film director, journalist and writer.

Michiels was a prolific writer, with a career spanning several decades. He wrote in a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, and drama. His most famous work is the novel "Het boek Alfa" (The Book of Alpha), which was published in 1963 and is considered a landmark in Dutch-language experimental literature. Michiels was also active in the film world, both as a screenwriter and director. He wrote the screenplay for the film "De Loteling" (The Conscript), which was released in 1974. In addition to his writing and film work, Michiels was a journalist and worked for several publications, including "De Standaard" and "Het Laatste Nieuws". He received numerous awards throughout his career, including the State Prize for Literature in 1969 and the Triennial Prize for Flemish Prose in 1973.

Nand Buyl

Nand Buyl (February 12, 1923 Antwerp-March 24, 2009 Brussels) a.k.a. Ferdinand Buyl was a Belgian actor, film director and teacher.

Buyl's acting career spanned over five decades and included roles in both French and Flemish productions. He made his film debut in 1947 in the film "Het is voor morgen" and went on to appear in over 70 films throughout his career. Buyl also directed several films and television shows, including the popular Flemish television series "Wij, Heren van Zichem."

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Buyl was also a respected acting teacher. He founded the "Nand Buyl Studios" which offered training for actors and actresses in Belgium. Many of his students went on to have successful careers in the industry.

Buyl was recognized for his contributions to Belgian culture and was awarded the title of "Commander in the Order of the Crown" by King Albert II of Belgium in 2008. He passed away the following year at the age of 86.

Jef Burm

Jef Burm (June 19, 1923 Sint-Niklaas-April 2, 2011 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) was a Belgian actor.

He began his career in the late 1940s and became a prominent figure in Flemish theater, film and television. Burm was best known for his role as Bompa in the popular TV series "De Kolderbrigade", which ran from 1980 to 1984. He also appeared in several films, including "The Man who Had His Hair Cut Short" (1966) and "Menuet" (1982). In addition to his acting work, Burm was also a talented singer and performed in several musical productions. He received numerous awards for his contributions to Belgian culture, including the prestigious Flemish Culture Prize in 1993.

Robert Muller

Robert Muller (March 11, 1923 Waimes-September 20, 2010) was a Belgian civil servant, actor, screenwriter and author.

He is most notable for his role as Arsène in the Belgian film series "Maigret" in the 1990s. Despite being mainly known for his acting career, Muller also had a successful career as a civil servant, holding a variety of positions in various departments of the Belgian government. He was also a published author, writing several books on topics such as the history of Belgian cinema and his experiences as an actor. Muller passed away in 2010 at the age of 87, leaving behind a legacy as a versatile and accomplished figure in the Belgian arts and government sectors.

Roger Etienne

Roger Etienne (December 9, 1923 Belgium-September 27, 2011 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Roger Everaert or Roger Etienne Everaert was a Belgian actor.

Etienne began his acting career on stage in Belgium before transitioning to film and television. He appeared in numerous Belgian films throughout the 1950s and 1960s before moving to the United States to further his career. He landed small roles in films like "The Dirty Dozen" (1967) and "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (1970), as well as guest appearances on popular TV shows like "Kojak" and "The Love Boat." In addition to his acting work, Etienne was also a skilled painter and sculptor, with several of his works exhibited in galleries in both Belgium and the US. He passed away in 2011 at the age of 87 in Los Angeles.

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