Belgian actors who were born in 1927

Here are 5 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1927:

Dries Wieme

Dries Wieme (December 4, 1927 Ghent-January 6, 1993) also known as Andries Wieme was a Belgian television director and actor.

Ivan Dominique

Ivan Dominique (August 3, 1927 Antwerp-April 3, 1973 Ghent) was a Belgian actor.

Paul S'Jongers

Paul S'Jongers (February 27, 1927 Antwerp-August 29, 1991 Antwerp) also known as Paul 's Jongers was a Belgian actor.

Willy Vandermeulen

Willy Vandermeulen (November 24, 1927 Ghent-June 7, 2006 Antwerp) otherwise known as Willy Van Der Meulen was a Belgian actor and film director.

Cois Cassiers

Cois Cassiers (January 29, 1927 Antwerp-October 22, 1971 Antwerp) also known as Cassiers, Swa or Fran├žois Cassiers was a Belgian actor.

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