Belgian actors who were born in 1945

Here are 6 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1945:

Noël Godin

Noël Godin (September 13, 1945 Liège-) a.k.a. Noel Godin, Georges Le Gloupier, L'Entarteur, Les Boudou or Boudou is a Belgian writer, actor, critic, film director and screenwriter.

Johny Voners

Johny Voners (August 26, 1945 Tienen-) otherwise known as John Voners or Johny Hoebrechts is a Belgian actor.

Jan Bucquoy

Jan Bucquoy (November 16, 1945 Harelbeke-) also known as Jean Bucquay or Jan Buquoy is a Belgian soccer player, actor, film director, screenwriter, author and film producer.

Danny Verbiest

Danny Verbiest (September 27, 1945 Vilvoorde-) is a Belgian actor, television producer and screenwriter.

Eddy Spruyt

Eddy Spruyt (November 4, 1945 Antwerp-) a.k.a. Edgar Spruyt is a Belgian actor.

Jean-Marie Degèsves

Jean-Marie Degèsves (May 16, 1945 Huy-November 5, 1999) was a Belgian film director, actor and screenwriter.

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