Belgian actors who were born in 1945

Here are 6 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1945:

Noël Godin

Noël Godin (September 13, 1945 Liège-) a.k.a. Noel Godin, Georges Le Gloupier, L'Entarteur, Les Boudou or Boudou is a Belgian writer, actor, critic, film director and screenwriter.

He is known for his notorious antics as a professional pie thrower, earning him the nickname "The Pie-Man". Godin has been involved in a number of high-profile pie throwing incidents, often targeting celebrities or politicians whom he disagrees with. Despite the controversy surrounding his actions, Godin has gained a following for his unconventional form of protest and his ability to spark dialogue around issues he is passionate about. In addition to his pie throwing, Godin has also written several novels and screenplays, and appeared in a number of films and television shows.

Johny Voners

Johny Voners (August 26, 1945 Tienen-) otherwise known as John Voners or Johny Hoebrechts is a Belgian actor.

He is best known for his comedic roles on Belgian television, particularly for his work on the show "FC De Kampioenen" where he played the role of Xavier Waterslaeghers. Voners began his acting career in the 1970s and appeared in numerous films and TV shows. In addition to his successful acting career, he was also a talented musician and performed in several bands. Voners passed away in March 2020 due to complications from cancer.

Jan Bucquoy

Jan Bucquoy (November 16, 1945 Harelbeke-) also known as Jean Bucquay or Jan Buquoy is a Belgian soccer player, actor, film director, screenwriter, author and film producer.

Born in Harelbeke, Belgium in 1945, Jan Bucquoy began his career as a soccer player before making a name for himself as an actor and filmmaker. He first gained recognition for his controversial film "The Sex Life of the Belgians" (1994), which was based on his own experiences growing up in Belgium.

Bucquoy has also worked on several other films as a producer, writer and director, including "The Camping Cosmos" (1996) and "The Land of the Blind" (2006). In addition to his film work, he has also written several books and articles on art, politics and culture.

Today, Bucquoy is considered a prominent figure in Belgian cinema and is known for his unique and often provocative style of filmmaking. His work often explores themes of sexuality, politics and identity, and he continues to push the boundaries of the medium with his daring and innovative films.

Danny Verbiest

Danny Verbiest (September 27, 1945 Vilvoorde-) is a Belgian actor, television producer and screenwriter.

He is best known for co-creating the popular Belgian children's show "Samson en Gert" with Gert Verhulst in 1989. Verbiest played the role of Samson, a talking dog who goes on adventures with his owner Gert, played by Verhulst. The show became a huge success in Belgium and the Netherlands and ran for over 20 years. In addition to his work on "Samson en Gert," Verbiest has also appeared in numerous Belgian television series and films. He has also worked as a screenwriter and producer on a variety of projects. Verbiest retired from acting in 2005 but remained involved in the entertainment industry.

Eddy Spruyt

Eddy Spruyt (November 4, 1945 Antwerp-) a.k.a. Edgar Spruyt is a Belgian actor.

Spruyt started his acting career in the theater and later transitioned to the big and small screens. He is known for his roles in various Flemish TV series such as "Windkracht 10", "Stille Waters", and "Aspe". Spruyt has also appeared in several prestigious films including "Fanfare", "Koko Flanel", and "Daens". In addition to his acting career, he has also worked as a director and screenwriter of several TV shows in Belgium. Spruyt has won various awards throughout his career, including the Golden Clown award and the Lifetime Achievement award at the Flemish Television Stars.

Jean-Marie Degèsves

Jean-Marie Degèsves (May 16, 1945 Huy-November 5, 1999) was a Belgian film director, actor and screenwriter.

He started his career as an actor, appearing in several films and television shows in the 1960s and 1970s, before transitioning to directing in the 1980s. He directed a number of acclaimed films, including "Les noces barbares" (1987), which won the Prix Jean Vigo and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Degèsves was known for his unconventional storytelling and his ability to create intimate and emotionally powerful films. His work often explored themes of family, identity and desire, and was strongly influenced by his own experiences growing up in Belgium.

In addition to his work in film, Degèsves was also a respected theater director, and worked with some of the most prestigious theaters in Belgium and France. He died in 1999 at the age of 54, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most important and innovative film directors of his generation.

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