Polish movie actors died in the year 1955

Here are 3 famous actors from Poland died in 1955:

Kazimierz Wajda

Kazimierz Wajda (December 3, 1905 Lviv-May 8, 1955 Warsaw) otherwise known as Szczepko was a Polish actor.

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Aleksander Zelwerowicz

Aleksander Zelwerowicz (August 14, 1877 Lublin-June 18, 1955 Warsaw) a.k.a. Zelwer was a Polish actor, theatre director and teacher. He had one child, Lena Zelwerowiczówna.

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Stanisław Sielański

Stanisław Sielański (August 8, 1899 Łódź-April 28, 1955 New York City) also known as S. Sielanski, Stanisław Nasielski or Stanislaw Sielanski was a Polish actor and comedian.

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