Belgian actors who deceased in 1952

Here are 1 famous actors from Belgium died in 1952:

Jozef Sterkens

Jozef Sterkens (March 11, 1893 Antwerp-May 3, 1952 Antwerp) also known as Jef Sterkens or Jozef Steuren was a Belgian actor.

Jozef Sterkens was born in Antwerp, Belgium on March 11, 1893. He began acting at a young age and quickly became a popular figure in the Belgian theater scene. Sterkens had a long and successful career, appearing in numerous stage productions throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.

In addition to his work on stage, Sterkens also appeared in several films. He made his debut in the 1920 film "De Voorman" and went on to appear in several other films throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

Sterkens was known for his powerful performances and his ability to bring complex characters to life. He was greatly respected by his peers and was considered one of the finest actors of his generation.

Jozef Sterkens passed away in Antwerp on May 3, 1952, but his legacy as a highly talented and influential actor persists to this day.

During World War II, Jozef Sterkens continued to perform despite the dangers and restrictions of the time. He was known to speak out against the Nazi occupation of Belgium, which put him at risk of arrest and deportation. However, he continued to perform in secret, giving hope to many who were suffering under the occupation. After the war, he continued to act both on stage and in film. Sterkens remains an important figure in Belgian theater history and is remembered for his contributions to the arts.

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