Belgian actresses who deceased in 1989

Here are 1 famous actresses from Belgium died in 1989:

Madeleine Ozeray

Madeleine Ozeray (September 13, 1908 Bouillon-March 29, 1989 Paris) also known as Catherine Elizabeth Mary, Magdalene Ozeray, Magdelaine Ozeray, Magdeleine Marie Catherine Elisabeth Ozeray or Catherine Elizabeth Mary Magdalene Ozeray was a Belgian actor.

She started her acting career on stage in Belgium before moving to France in the 1930s to pursue her career in film. Ozeray appeared in over 70 films throughout her career, working with prominent directors such as Jean Renoir and Marcel Pagnol. Some of her notable films include "Boudu Saved from Drowning" (1932), "La Chienne" (1931) and "Grand Illusion" (1937). During the Second World War, Ozeray worked with the French resistance and continued her acting career after the war. She was known for her versatility and ability to depict both dramatic and comedic roles with ease. Ozeray remained active in films until the 1970s and was regarded as one of the most talented actors of her time.

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