Belgian musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 9 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1976:

Udo Mechels

Udo Mechels (May 10, 1976 Brussels-) also known as Udo is a Belgian singer.

His albums include .

Udo Mechels began his music career as a member of the Belgian rock band Nailpin. In 2008, he released his debut solo album, "U-Turn," which was followed by several successful albums, including "The Waiting Room" (2010) and "Best Of Udo" (2015). Udo won the Flemish version of "The Voice" in 2012, and has since then been a popular television personality in Belgium. He has also served as a coach on "The Voice Kids" and "The Voice Senior." In addition to his music career, Udo is an ambassador for several charitable organizations and has traveled to Rwanda and India to support their efforts.

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Regi Penxten

Regi Penxten (March 4, 1976 Hasselt-) also known as Penxten, Regi or Regi is a Belgian record producer, disc jockey and songwriter.

His albums include In the Mix, Volume 7, Registrated 2, Registrated, Night and Day, Runaway, Punish (Remix), In the Mix, Volume 5, In the Mix, Volume 8, In the Mix, Volume 4 and Hang On.

Regi started his music career in the late 1990s as a member of the dance group Milk Inc. He wrote and produced many of their hit songs, including "Walk on Water," "Sunrise," and "Storm." Regi eventually left the group in 2009 to pursue a solo career.

As a solo artist, Regi continued to produce and release dance music, often collaborating with other artists. Some of his most popular solo songs include "Panic," "Should Have Been There," and "Ellie."

In addition to his music career, Regi has also been a judge on the Belgian version of The Voice and has hosted his own radio show on MNM, a popular Belgian radio station.

Regi's success in the music industry has earned him many awards, including several TMF Awards and an Ultratop Award. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful Belgian music producers of all time.

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Danzel (November 9, 1976 Beveren-) also known as Johan Waem is a Belgian singer and musician.

His discography includes: The Name of the Jam, Put Your Hands Up in the Air!, You Are All of That, Home Again, Pump It Up and Unlocked. Genres: Dance music, Pop music, House music and Techno.

Danzel was born in Beveren, Belgium on November 9th, 1976, and began his career in music as a member of the group "Boyzone." He gained wider recognition as a solo artist in 2004 with his hit single "Pump It Up," which was a chart-topping success in the UK and throughout Europe. Danzel has since released several albums and singles in a range of dance and pop styles, including "The Name of the Jam," "Put Your Hands Up in the Air!," and "Unlocked." In addition to his music career, Danzel has also worked as a TV presenter and DJ. He continues to perform and record music, and has earned a loyal following among fans of dance and pop music around the world.

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Vanessa Chinitor

Vanessa Chinitor (October 13, 1976 Dendermonde-) also known as Chinitor, Vanessa is a Belgian singer.

Her albums include Like the Wind. Genres she performed: Pop music.

Vanessa Chinitor rose to fame as she won the Belgian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 with her song "Like the Wind". Although she didn't win the European final, the song reached the top of the charts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Her success continued with her first album "Nah Neh Nah" (2000), which also included the hit single "The Club". Vanessa Chinitor continued to release more albums, including "Golden Ballads" (2003) and "In the Meantime" (2005). In addition to her music career, she has also acted in various musical productions, such as "The Sound of Music" and "Beauty and the Beast". Vanessa Chinitor is known for her strong vocal abilities and energetic performances.

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Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn (June 18, 1976-) otherwise known as Sabrina Tack or Lynn, Laura is a Belgian , .

Discography: Dromen, Goud Limited Edition, Rode rozen in de sneeuw, Duetten and ALS JE DAN EVEN IN JE HANDEN KLAPT. Her related genres: Levenslied.

Laura Lynn is a Belgian singer, born on June 18, 1976, who started her music career in 2005. Her real name is Sabrina Tack, and she also used the name Lynn, Laura for her music. She became very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands for her music style, which is mainly Levenslied or "music of life," which is a traditional Dutch and Flemish genre that is often made up of emotional songs about everyday life experiences.

Laura Lynn has released five full-length albums to date, including "Dromen," "Goud Limited Edition," "Rode rozen in de sneeuw," "Duetten," and "ALS JE DAN EVEN IN JE HANDEN KLAPT." Her music has been well received, and she has won several awards, such as the award for Best Female Singer at the Flanders Music Awards and the prestigious "Zo is er maar één" competition.

In addition to her music career, Laura Lynn has also dabbled in acting, having played a supporting role in the film "K3 en het ijsprinsesje." She is also known for her charity work, particularly for children with disabilities. With her down-to-earth personality and beautiful voice, Laura Lynn remains a beloved icon of the Belgian music scene.

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Mario Barravecchia

Mario Barravecchia (November 16, 1976 Saint-Nicolas, Belgium-) a.k.a. Barravecchia, Mario is a Belgian actor and singer.

His albums: Mario Barravecchia‎ and . His related genres: Pop music.

After participating in the French version of the reality TV show "Star Academy" in 2002, Mario Barravecchia gained widespread fame in Europe. His self-titled album was released in 2003 and included the hit single "On se ressemble". In addition to his music career, he also appeared in several French films and television shows, including "Section de recherches" and "Plus Belle La Vie". Mario currently resides in France where he continues to perform and work on new music.

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Jasper Steverlinck

Jasper Steverlinck (April 30, 1976 Belgium-) also known as Jasper Stervelinck is a Belgian singer, composer and actor.

Discography: Life on Mars, Songs of Innocence and Let Her Down Easy. Genres: Pop music.

Jasper Steverlinck rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the Belgian band Arid, which was formed in 1996. After the band split in 2002, he embarked on a solo career as a singer-songwriter. He released his debut album "Songs of Innocence" in 2004, which was a critical and commercial success. His subsequent albums, "Life on Mars" (2007) and "The Shade of You" (2010), garnered him further success and cemented his status as one of the most talented musicians in Belgium.

Apart from his music career, Steverlinck has also acted in several films and TV shows. He made his acting debut in the Belgian film "Vermist" in 2010 and has since appeared in various films and TV series, including "Cordon", "The Broken Circle Breakdown", and "Tabula Rasa". He is highly regarded for his powerful voice and emotional performances and has won numerous awards for his contributions to the Belgian music industry.

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Bent Van Looy

Bent Van Looy (May 3, 1976 Ghent-) is a Belgian singer-songwriter and drummer.

His albums include Round the Bend. Genres he performed: Pop music.

Bent Van Looy is best known for his career as the lead singer and drummer of the Belgian indie pop band Das Pop, which formed in 1994. In addition to his work with Das Pop, he has also released several solo albums, including "Round the Bend" in 2013 and "Yours Truly" in 2018.

Van Looy has been involved in various creative projects throughout his career, including acting in films and television shows. He had a recurring role in the Belgian TV series "Salamander" and appeared in the films "Windkracht 10: Koksijde Rescue" and "Belgica," the latter of which was directed by Felix Van Groeningen.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Van Looy is also a published author. He has written several children's books, including "De Sprookjessprokkelaar" and "Het Betoverde Bos," which have been adapted into theatrical productions.

Van Looy has been recognized for his contributions to Belgian music and culture, receiving multiple awards and nominations for his work with Das Pop and as a solo artist. He continues to perform and create new music, inspiring fans and fellow artists alike with his unique blend of pop sensibility and creative experimentation.

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Jessy (July 8, 1976 Zottegem-) also known as Jessy De Smet is a Belgian singer.

Related albums: Rain, How Long, Look at Me Now, Dancing in the Dark, Over You, The Ultimate Jessy (Best Of 1995-2012), Nothing At All and .

Jessy first rose to fame in the mid-90s as the lead vocalist of the dance-pop group The Mackenzie featuring Jessy. The group achieved chart success in Belgium and abroad with singles like "Alive", "All I Need", and "Innocence". After departing from the group, Jessy embarked on a solo career and continued to release dance-pop hits like "Look at Me Now" and "Dancing in the Dark", both of which topped the charts in Belgium.

In addition to her music career, Jessy has also appeared on television as a coach on the Belgian edition of The Voice. She has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, notably supporting cancer research through the Flemish Cancer Foundation. With over two decades in the music industry, Jessy is considered one of the most successful female artists in Belgium.

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