Bolivian musicians died when they were 32

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bolivia died at 32:

Simeon Cuba Sarabia

Simeon Cuba Sarabia (January 15, 1935 Cochabamba-October 9, 1967 La Higuera) was a Bolivian personality.

Simeon Cuba Sarabia was a Marxist revolutionary and a member of the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Bolivia. He joined the guerrilla movement inspired by the Cuban Revolution in 1963 and played a significant role as a member of Che Guevara's group in Bolivia. He was known for his bravery and military tactics in combat against Bolivian military forces. On October 9, 1967, Simeon Cuba Sarabia was killed in an ambush by the Bolivian Army while defending Che Guevara during the Battle of La Higuera. His death deeply affected the revolutionary movement in Bolivia and inspired other activists to continue their struggle against the government. Cuba Sarabia is remembered as a heroic figure in Bolivian history and a symbol of the struggle for social justice and equality.

Simeon Cuba Sarabia was born to a working-class family in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 1935. He was raised in poverty and witnessed the injustices and inequalities of Bolivian society, which fueled his desire to fight for social change. As a young man, he became involved in left-wing political movements and was drawn to the revolutionary fervor that swept Latin America in the 1960s.

In 1963, Cuba Sarabia joined the National Liberation Army (ELN), one of several Marxist guerrilla groups that emerged in Bolivia during that time. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a trusted lieutenant of Che Guevara, the legendary Argentine revolutionary who had helped lead the successful Cuban Revolution.

Cuba Sarabia and Guevara led a group of guerrillas in a prolonged and ultimately unsuccessful campaign to spark a revolution in Bolivia. They faced numerous obstacles, including difficult terrain, a lack of support from local peasants, and fierce opposition from the Bolivian military.

Despite the odds against them, Cuba Sarabia and Guevara fought tirelessly, using hit-and-run tactics to elude their pursuers and launching surprise attacks on military outposts. In the end, however, they were outnumbered and outgunned, and were finally ambushed by Bolivian troops in the village of La Higuera.

Cuba Sarabia was killed instantly in the firefight, along with several other members of the guerrilla group. Guevara was captured, and later executed on orders from the Bolivian government. Their deaths marked the end of an era of revolutionary struggle in Bolivia and Latin America, but their legacy lived on in the hearts and minds of activists and idealists around the world.

Today, Simeon Cuba Sarabia is remembered as a martyr and a hero of the Bolivian revolution. His courage, dedication, and sacrifice continue to inspire others to fight for justice and equality, both in Bolivia and beyond.

He died as a result of firearm.

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