Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1933

Here are 8 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1933:

Eduardo Coutinho

Eduardo Coutinho (May 11, 1933 São Paulo-February 2, 2014 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Eduardo de Oliveira Coutinho was a Brazilian screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer and film editor.

He is considered to be one of the most important and influential documentary filmmakers in Brazil. Coutinho directed some of the most acclaimed documentaries in Brazilian cinema history and was known for his ability to explore the human condition and portray the complexities of Brazilian society. His films often focused on marginalized communities and highlighted issues of social inequality, politics, and culture. Coutinho started his career as a journalist and transitioned to filmmaking in the 1960s. He won numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival's Golden Bear in 2007 for his documentary "Jogo de Cena" (2007). Coutinho's legacy continues to shape Brazilian cinema and inspire aspiring filmmakers around the globe.

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Garrincha (October 28, 1933 Pau Grande-January 20, 1983 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Mané Garrincha, Manoel Francisco dos Santos or The Little Bird was a Brazilian actor and football player. He had five children, Tereza dos Santos, Nadir dos Santos, Manuel Garrincha dos Santos Júnior, Neném dos Santos and Ulf Lindberg.

Garrincha is widely considered as one of the greatest football players of all time. He had a successful career with the Brazilian national team, winning two FIFA World Cups in 1958 and 1962. Garrincha was known for his incredible dribbling skills, speed, and ability to score incredible goals. He played as a right winger and spent the majority of his club career with Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, where he won several state championships.

However, despite his success on the field, Garrincha had a troubled personal life. He struggled with alcoholism and had numerous extramarital affairs throughout his life. He died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 49.

Garrincha's legacy in Brazilian football is huge, and he is often cited as the greatest dribbler to ever play the game. He was posthumously inducted into the Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame in 2014.

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Othon Bastos

Othon Bastos (May 23, 1933 Tucano, Bahia-) also known as Othon José de Almeida Bastos, José Othon Bastos de Almeida or Jose Othon Bastos de Almeida is a Brazilian actor. He has one child, Pedro Overbeck Bastos.

Bastos began his acting career in the 1960s and has since appeared in over 80 films and television shows. He is known for his work in Brazilian films such as "Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco" (1981), "Central do Brasil" (1998), and "Carandiru" (2003) as well as international productions like "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (1985) and "I Dreamed of Africa" (2000).

In addition to his film work, Bastos has also made notable appearances on Brazilian television, including in the shows "O Rebu" (1974) and "Velho Chico" (2016). He has received numerous awards for his acting, including the Best Actor award at the 1999 Havana Film Festival for his role in the film "Orfeu".

Bastos has also been involved in politics, serving as a member of the Brazilian Communist Party and even running for political office in the 1990s.

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Milton Gonçalves

Milton Gonçalves (December 9, 1933 Monte Santo de Minas-) a.k.a. Milton Goncalves is a Brazilian actor, television director and voice actor. He has one child, Mauricio Gonçalves.

Gonçalves began his acting career in the 1950s, appearing in various theater productions. He then transitioned to film and television, becoming a prominent figure in Brazilian cinema. He has worked on more than 80 films throughout his career, including the award-winning films "Killer" and "A Hora da Estrela." Gonçalves is also known for his work in telenovelas, having appeared in popular shows such as "Duas Vidas," "Fera Radical," and "A Favorita."

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Gonçalves has also worked as a television director and as a voice actor, providing the voice for characters in animated films and television shows. He has received numerous accolades for his contributions to Brazilian entertainment, including the Order of Cultural Merit and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

Beyond his acting work, Gonçalves is also known for his activism. He has been a vocal advocate for Afro-Brazilian rights and has spoken out against racism in the entertainment industry. In 2019, he was hospitalized after being assaulted in what he believed to be a racially motivated attack. Despite the incident, he has continued to be a prominent figure in Brazilian entertainment, inspiring future generations of actors, directors, and activists alike.

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Paulo Goulart

Paulo Goulart (January 9, 1933 Ribeirão Preto-March 13, 2014 São Paulo) also known as Paulo Afonso Miessa was a Brazilian actor. He had three children, Bárbara Bruno, Beth Goulart and Paulo Goulart Filho.

Paulo Goulart began his acting career in the 1950s, working in theater productions and later moving on to television and film. He starred in numerous Brazilian soap operas and movies throughout his career, becoming one of Brazil's most recognizable actors. In addition to his work in entertainment, Goulart was also involved in politics, supporting the Brazilian Labour Party and later the Workers' Party. He was a strong advocate for social and political change in Brazil. In 2013, Goulart was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away the following year at the age of 81. His legacy as an actor and political activist continues to inspire many in Brazil today.

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Ary Fontoura

Ary Fontoura (January 27, 1933 Curitiba-) also known as Ary Beira Fontoura is a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, writer, film director, television presenter and presenter.

With a career spanning over six decades, Ary Fontoura has become one of the most celebrated actors in Brazil. He gained recognition for his roles in popular telenovelas such as "Rainha da Sucata", "Terra Nostra" and "A Favorita". In addition to his successful acting career, Fontoura has also written three books and directed several films. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to Brazilian cinema and television, including the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro and Troféu Imprensa. Fontoura is also a prominent philanthropist, supporting various charitable organizations dedicated to social causes such as education and healthcare.

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Carlos Kurt

Carlos Kurt (February 10, 1933 Rio de Janeiro-March 4, 2003 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as José Carlos Kunstat was a Brazilian actor.

He started his acting career in the theater and later transitioned into films and television. Carlos Kurt was best known for his roles in Brazilian soap operas, including the popular series "Roque Santeiro" and "O Clone." He also appeared in films such as "O Homem do Sputnik" and "O Vigilante Rodoviário." In addition to acting, he was a talented singer and released several albums throughout his career. Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Carlos Kurt was known for his humility and kind nature towards others. He passed away in 2003 due to complications from pneumonia.

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Francisco Cuoco

Francisco Cuoco (November 29, 1933 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor. He has three children, Tatiana Rodrigues, Rodrigo Rodrigues and Diogo Rodrigues.

Cuoco began his acting career in the early 1960s and has since gone on to appear in a number of Brazilian television shows, films, and theater productions. Some of his most notable roles include the character Roque Santeiro in the telenovela of the same name, as well as the character Juca in the film "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands." Cuoco has also been recognized for his work in theater and has received several awards for his performances on stage. In addition to his acting career, he has also worked as a television host and has appeared in numerous commercials throughout his career. Cuoco is considered to be one of the most respected and talented actors in Brazilian entertainment history.

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