Brazilian movie actors died in the year 1973

Here are 1 famous actors from Brazil died in 1973:


Monsueto (November 4, 1924 Gávea, Rio de Janeiro-March 17, 1973 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Monsueto Campos de Menezes was a Brazilian actor, film score composer and composer.

Monsueto started his career in show business as an actor in the 1940s, appearing in several Brazilian films. He also worked as a composer and wrote popular samba songs, such as "Me Deixa em Paz" and "Eu Sou o Carnaval". Monsueto's music often featured humorous lyrics and a lively rhythm that was characteristic of the samba genre. He collaborated with many other famous Brazilian musicians throughout his career, including João Gilberto and Tom Jobim.

In addition to his work in music and film, Monsueto was also involved in Brazilian politics. He campaigned for social justice and supported left-wing political movements. His music helped to popularize these ideas and became an important part of the cultural movement of the time.

Despite his untimely death at the age of 48, Monsueto's legacy continues to influence Brazilian music today. Many of his songs are still beloved by samba aficionados, and he is remembered as an important figure in the history of Brazilian music and culture.

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