Brazilian movie actors died in the year 2008

Here are 6 famous actors from Brazil died in 2008:

Beto Carrero

Beto Carrero (September 9, 1937 São José do Rio Preto-February 1, 2008 São Paulo) a.k.a. João Batista Sergio Murad was a Brazilian actor, radio announcer, businessperson and entertainer.

He is best known for creating and operating Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America, located in Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil. His career began in the 1950s as a radio announcer, and he later transitioned to television and film. He acted in numerous Brazilian films and television shows, including Os Trapalhões, one of Brazil's most beloved comedy groups. In addition to his entertainment career, Carrero was also successful in business, particularly in the fields of real estate and agriculture. He was a pioneer in the field of agribusiness and was instrumental in developing Brazil's beef industry. Carrero passed away in 2008 from respiratory failure, but his legacy lives on through the theme park that bears his name.

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Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres (November 14, 1927 Guaçuí-September 4, 2008 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Fernando Monteiro Torres was a Brazilian actor, television director, voice actor, film director, film producer, television producer, theatrical producer and theatre director. His children are called Fernanda Torres and Cláudio Torres.

Fernando Torres was born in the state of Espírito Santo and began his career as an actor in the 1940s. He appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career, including the classic Brazilian films "Terra em Transe" and "Ganga Zumba". In addition to acting, he also directed and produced several films and television shows, including the series "Ciranda, Cirandinha". He was a respected figure in Brazilian culture and was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit in 1996. Torres passed away in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 at the age of 80.

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Breno Mello

Breno Mello (September 7, 1931 Porto Alegre-July 11, 2008 Porto Alegre) also known as Breno Higino de Mello was a Brazilian actor and football player. His child is called Letícia Mello.

Breno Mello began his professional career as a football player with the Grêmio Porto Alegrense team in 1954. He played for several other Brazilian football teams before eventually retiring from the sport in 1960. Following his retirement, he pursued a career in acting, and his breakthrough role came in the 1959 film, "Orfeu Negro" (Black Orpheus in English), directed by Marcel Camus. The film won the Palme d'Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival and brought Breno Mello international fame.

Mello went on to appear in several other Brazilian films throughout the 1960s and 1970s, including "Vidas Secas" (Barren Lives), "Lara" and "Paixão de Gaúcho" (Passion of Gauchos). He also appeared in television soap operas and worked as a theater actor.

Breno Mello remained active in the entertainment industry until his death in 2008. He passed away due to a heart attack.

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Rubens de Falco

Rubens de Falco (October 19, 1931 São Paulo-February 22, 2008 São Paulo) a.k.a. Rubens de Falco da Costa or Rubens Costa was a Brazilian actor.

He began his career in the theater and later transitioned to film and television. De Falco appeared in more than 50 films throughout his career and was known for his work on both Brazilian and international productions. Some of his notable films include "Bye Bye Brazil," "Pixote," and "Gabriela." He also had a successful television career, appearing in many popular telenovelas such as "Roque Santeiro" and "O Dono do Mundo." De Falco received several awards for his work, including a Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1984 for his performance in "Quilombo." He passed away in 2008 at the age of 76.

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Mário Schoemberger

Mário Schoemberger (February 5, 1952 Curitiba-May 14, 2008 Curitiba) a.k.a. Mario Schoemberger was a Brazilian actor.

Schoemberger started his career in the 1970s as a theater actor and later transitioned to television and cinema. He is best known for his roles in Brazilian soap operas, such as "Pátria Minha" and "Explode Coração". He also appeared in several films, including "O Quatrilho" and "Memórias Póstumas".

Aside from acting, Schoemberger was also involved in directing and producing. He founded his own theater company and produced and directed several plays. His work in the arts earned him several awards, including the Mambembe Prize and the Shell Prize.

Schoemberger passed away in 2008 at the age of 56 due to complications from liver cancer. He remained a well-respected and beloved figure in the Brazilian entertainment industry.

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Dorival Caymmi

Dorival Caymmi (April 30, 1914 Salvador-August 16, 2008 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian songwriter, singer and actor. His children are called Dori Caymmi, Nana Caymmi and Danilo Caymmi.

Caymmi is considered one of the most iconic figures in Brazilian music, with a career spanning over six decades. His music style was heavily influenced by the rhythms of Bahia, a state in northeastern Brazil where he was born. He was known for his soulful voice and beautiful compositions, which often reflected the daily life and culture of the Brazilian people.

Over the course of his career, Caymmi recorded over 20 albums, wrote numerous hit songs, and collaborated with many famous Brazilian musicians. His songs have been covered by many artists around the world, and he has been an inspiration for generations of Brazilian musicians.

Aside from his musical career, Caymmi also pursued acting and appeared in several Brazilian films. In recognition of his contributions to Brazilian culture, he was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by the Brazilian government in 1994. Today, his legacy lives on, and his music continues to be celebrated by people all around the world.

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