Brazilian movie stars died in Suicide

Here are 2 famous actors from Brazil died in Suicide:

Abilio Pereira de Almeida

Abilio Pereira de Almeida (February 26, 1906 São Paulo-May 12, 1977 São Paulo) was a Brazilian actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

He began his career as an actor in the theater and in radio dramas, and later transitioned into film acting. Almeida appeared in over 70 films throughout his career and gained critical acclaim for his performances in "O Cangaceiro" (The Bandit) and "Tico-Tico no Fubá" (Tico-Tico in Fubá).

In addition to acting, Almeida also worked as a film producer and director, founding the production company Cinematográfica Maristela. He directed several successful films, including "Esquina da Ilusão" (Corner of Illusion) and "Sai da Frente" (Get Out of the Way).

Almeida was known for his contribution to Brazilian cinema and was recognized with several awards throughout his career, including the Golden Kikito Award for Best Director at the Gramado Film Festival in 1970. He passed away in 1977 at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy as a pioneer of Brazilian cinema.

Abilio Pereira de Almeida was born in São Paulo, Brazil to a middle-class family. His interest in acting started at a young age and he began performing in local theater productions while still in school. After completing his education, he joined a theater company and started performing professionally. He then moved on to radio dramas, where he gained popularity and became a household name.

Almeida's debut in films was in 1942 with the film "Terra é sempre Terra" (Land is Always Land). His performance in the film was well received and he went on to act in many more films throughout his career. He was known for his versatility and could play a wide range of characters, from villainous roles to comedic ones.

In addition to acting, Almeida was also passionate about film production and direction. He founded Cinematográfica Maristela in 1949, which produced films that went on to become huge successes, both critically and commercially. He often collaborated with renowned Brazilian film composer, Francisco Alves, who provided the music for most of his films.

Almeida's dedication to Brazilian cinema was recognized with several awards throughout his career. He was awarded the prestigious Golden Kikito Award for Best Director at the Gramado Film Festival in 1970 for his film "Os Herdeiros" (The Heirs).

Abilio Pereira de Almeida's impactful contribution to Brazilian cinema and his dedication to the craft has immortalized him in the annals of Brazilian film history.

Hugo Bidet

Hugo Bidet (November 25, 2014 Rio de Janeiro-April 20, 1977 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Hugo Leal da Costa, Hugo Bidê or Ugo Bisset was a Brazilian actor.

He appeared in numerous films, such as "O Padre e a Moça" (1965), "A Grande Cidade" (1966) and "Os Herdeiros" (1970). Bidet was one of the pioneers of the Brazilian new wave cinema movement, which brought about a fresh and innovative approach to filmmaking in the country during the 1960s and 1970s. He was known for his ability to convey emotion through his performances and his commitment to bringing authenticity to his characters. Despite his relatively short career, Bidet remains a highly respected figure in Brazilian cinema and his work continues to inspire new generations of actors and filmmakers.

In addition to his acting career, Hugo Bidet was also an accomplished playwright and screenwriter. He wrote the screenplay for the film "A Vida Provisória" (1968) and also wrote and directed the play "O Arroz de Palma" (1970), which is considered a classic of Brazilian theater. Bidet was known for his socially conscious work, often addressing issues such as poverty and inequality in his writing. He was also involved in political activism and was a member of the Brazilian Communist Party. Bidet's life was tragically cut short when he died at the age of 62 due to cirrhosis of the liver, but his legacy as an actor, writer, and social activist continues to live on in Brazil and beyond.

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