South Korean movie actresses died when they were 47

Here are 1 famous actresses from South Korea died at 47:

Nam Jeong-im

Nam Jeong-im (July 21, 1945 Gwangju, Gyeonggi-September 2, 1992 Yeongeon-dong) also known as I Min-ja, I Min-cha, Nam Ch«íng-im, Jeong-im Nam, Nam Jeong-Yim, Lee Min-ja or Nam Jungim was a South Korean actor. Her child is called Eun-mi Noh.

She died caused by breast cancer.

Nam Jeong-im began her acting career in the early 1960s, and quickly became one of South Korea's most beloved actresses. She appeared in over 80 films throughout her career, including the film "Goryeojang" which won her Best Actress at the 1972 Grand Bell Awards.

Aside from her film work, Nam Jeong-im was also a talented television actress, appearing in popular dramas such as "The Golden Pond" and "The Winter of the Year was Warm".

Nam Jeong-im's talent and success made her a well-respected figure in South Korean entertainment, and her untimely death from breast cancer in 1992 was met with great sadness and mourning from her fans and colleagues.

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