Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1963

Here are 10 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1963:

Glória Pires

Glória Pires (August 23, 1963 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Gloria Pires, Glória Maria, Glória Maria Cláudia Pires de Moraes or Glória Maria Cláudia Pires is a Brazilian actor. She has four children, Cléo Pires, Antonia Morais, Ana Morais and Bento Morais.

Glória Pires began her career as an actress at the age of five, acting in commercials, TV shows and movies. Her breakthrough role was in the film "Álbum de Família" in 1981. Pires has since starred in many popular Brazilian films and TV shows, including "Dias Melhores Virão", "Mulheres de Areia", and "Belíssima". She has also received numerous awards for her work, including several Best Actress awards at the Brazilian Academy of Film Awards.

In addition to her successful career as an actress, Pires is also involved in philanthropic work, particularly in support of children's causes. She is a spokesperson for SOS Children's Villages, an international organization that provides care for orphaned and abandoned children, and has also supported the Brazilian Association for Assistance to Children and Adolescents with Cancer (ABRAACC).

Outside of her work and philanthropic pursuits, Pires is also known for her family life. She was married to musician Orlando Morais from 1987 to 1994, and they had two daughters together, Cleo and Antonia. In 2001, she married actor and director, Orlando Moraes, and the couple has two children, Ana and Bento.

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Débora Bloch

Débora Bloch (May 29, 1963 Belo Horizonte-) also known as Debora Bloch is a Brazilian actor and film producer. She has two children, Hugo Anquier and Júlia Anquier.

Debora Bloch began her career in the 1980s, appearing in several Brazilian soap operas such as "Vereda Tropical" and "Vale Tudo". She gained international recognition for her role in the movie "Love in the Time of Cholera" (2007) directed by Mike Newell. Her other notable film appearances include "Two Sons of Francisco" (2005) and "The Greatest Love of All" (2006). In addition to acting, Bloch has produced several films and television shows, including "Women on Top" (TV series, 2015). She has also won numerous awards for her work, including a Best Actress award from the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival for "As Melhores Coisas do Mundo" (2010).

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Júlia Lemmertz

Júlia Lemmertz (March 18, 1963 Porto Alegre-) also known as Júlia Lemmertz Dias, Julia Lemmertz or Júlia Lemmertz Dias Corrêa is a Brazilian actor. Her children are called Luiza Lemmertz and Miguel Corrêa.

Júlia Lemmertz is the daughter of two well-known Brazilian actors, Lilian Lemmertz and Lineu Dias. She started her career in the 1980s and has since appeared in numerous television shows, films, and theater productions. Some of her notable TV roles include Anna Clara in Renascer, Alma in Sabor da Paixão, and Marina in Paginas da Vida. In film, she has starred in The Best Things in the World and Chatô: The King of Brazil. Júlia has also received several awards for her work in acting, including the Best Actress award at the 2007 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. Beyond acting, Júlia is known for her activism in social and political causes, including LGBTQ+ rights and environmental conservation.

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Andréa Beltrão

Andréa Beltrão (September 16, 1963 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Andréa Vianna Beltrão, Andrea Beltrão or Andréa Viana Beltrão is a Brazilian actor, film director, writer, comedian, screenwriter and journalist. She has three children, José Farias, Rosa Farias and Francisco Farias.

Beltrão began her acting career in 1984 and has since appeared in various TV series, films, and theatre productions. She gained recognition for her role as the lead character in the Brazilian TV series "Mothern" and "Tapas & Beijos".

Aside from acting, Beltrão has also ventured into directing and writing. She directed the film "Podecrer!" in 2007 and co-wrote the screenplay for the film "Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso 2" in 2015.

Beltrão has received numerous accolades for her work, including four Best Actress awards at the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro and two APCA awards for Best Actress in a TV Series.

In addition to her career in entertainment, Beltrão is also a trained journalist and has worked for various publications in Brazil.

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Cristiana Oliveira

Cristiana Oliveira (December 15, 1963 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Cristiana Oliveira began her career as a model before transitioning to acting in the early 1980s. She is best known for her lead role in the Brazilian telenovela "Pantanal," which aired in 1990 and garnered high ratings and critical acclaim.

Since then, she has appeared in numerous Brazilian TV series and films, ranging from dramas to comedies to thrillers. She has also participated in reality TV shows such as "Dança dos Famosos" and "A Fazenda."

Aside from her acting career, Oliveira is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She has launched a fitness clothing line and is involved in various charitable causes, including animal welfare and education initiatives.

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Cláudia Ohana

Cláudia Ohana (February 6, 1963 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Maria Cláudia Carneiro Silva is a Brazilian actor and singer. She has one child, Dandara Guerra.

Cláudia Ohana began her acting career in the 1980s, starring in numerous Brazilian films and television series. She gained international recognition in 1985 when she appeared in the film "The Three Marias," which was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. Ohana has also performed on stage, including in the Brazilian productions of "Hair" and "Rock in Rio - The Musical."

In addition to her acting work, Ohana has released several albums as a singer, blending rock, pop, and Brazilian music styles. She has also contributed to soundtracks for various films and television shows.

Throughout her career, Ohana has won several awards for her performances, including a Best Supporting Actress award from the Brazilian Academy of Film and Television for her role in the film "Corpo." She remains a beloved figure in Brazilian entertainment today.

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Xuxa (March 27, 1963 Santa Rosa-) also known as Maria da Graça Meneghel, xuxa, Xuxa Meneghel, Rainha dos Baixinhos or Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel is a Brazilian singer, presenter, actor, businessperson, record producer and model. She has one child, Sasha Meneghel.

Xuxa is considered one of Brazil's biggest entertainment icons of all time. She began her career as a model in the 1980s, and soon after became a television personality, hosting a children's show called "Clube da Criança." Her popularity quickly grew, and in 1986, she started hosting her own show "Xou da Xuxa", which became a massive hit across Latin America, making her an international sensation.

Apart from her hosting career, Xuxa has also released twenty-eight studio albums, many of which have gone platinum, making her one of the best-selling artists in Brazil. She has also acted in several films, including her breakout role in "Amor, Estranho Amor" (Love, Strange Love). In addition to her entertainment career, Xuxa is also a successful businesswoman, with her own line of cosmetics, footwear, and children's products.

Throughout her career, Xuxa has been recognized for her philanthropic work, particularly in education and environmental causes. She is also an advocate for animal rights and has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights in Brazil.

Xuxa remains a beloved figure in Brazil and has been honored with numerous awards and accolades over the years, including three Latin Grammy nominations, and her induction into the Brazilian Hall of Fame in 2004.

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Marcelia Cartaxo

Marcelia Cartaxo (October 27, 1963 Cajazeiras-) a.k.a. Marcélia Cartaxo or Marcélia de Souza Cartaxo is a Brazilian actor and film director.

Marcelia Cartaxo was born in Cajazeiras, a city located in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. She started her career in the performing arts as a dancer, but soon found her calling in acting. Her breakthrough role came in 1985 with the film Anjos do Arrabalde, for which she won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Since then, Marcelia has appeared in numerous Brazilian films and TV shows, establishing herself as one of the most respected actors in the country. Some of her notable works include A Hora da Estrela, O Quatrilho, A Grande Arte, A História da Eternidade, and the TV series Amores Roubados.

Aside from acting, Marcelia has also pursued a career in directing. She directed her first feature film, A Cidade onde Envelheço, in 2016, which received critical acclaim and won several awards at film festivals around the world.

Throughout her career, Marcelia has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the arts. She has received numerous awards for her performances, including the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, and she was also chosen by the Brazilian government as a Cultural Ambassador to represent the country abroad.

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Marisa Orth

Marisa Orth (October 21, 1963 São Paulo-) also known as Marisa Domingos Orth is a Brazilian actor. She has one child, João Antônio Pereira.

Marisa Orth started her acting career in the theater while studying at the University of São Paulo's School of Communications and Arts. In 1989, she made her television debut in the Brazilian soap opera "Top Model" and got her breakthrough role in the TV series "Sai de Baixo" (1996-2002), which became a huge success in Brazil.

Orth has also appeared in several films and stage productions throughout her career, receiving critical acclaim for her performances. She has won four Troféu Imprensa awards, which is the Brazilian equivalent of an Emmy Award. Apart from acting, Orth is also a singer and has released a few albums in the past.

In recent years, Marisa Orth has been involved in several social and environmental causes, including the fight against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. She is also a supporter of LGBTQ rights in Brazil and has spoken out against discrimination and violence towards the community.

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Thaís de Campos

Thaís de Campos (November 7, 1963 Brasília-) is a Brazilian actor.

She started her acting career in the 1980s and became well known for her roles in Brazilian telenovelas such as "Tieta," "Roda de Fogo," and "A Viagem." In addition to her work on television, Thaís de Campos has appeared in films such as "Sonhos Tropicais" and "As melhores coisas do mundo." She is considered one of the most talented and versatile actresses in Brazil, and has won several awards for her performances, including the APCA Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Qualidade Brasil Award for Best Actress. In recent years, Thaís de Campos has also worked as a drama teacher, sharing her expertise and passion for acting with aspiring young performers.

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