Brazilian movie actresses died when they were 67

Here are 1 famous actresses from Brazil died at 67:

Duse Nacarati

Duse Nacarati (June 22, 1942 Cataguases-July 23, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Duse Naccarati, Duze Naccarati or Duse Nacaratti was a Brazilian actor.

She began her acting career as a child in the theater and later transitioned to television and film. Nacarati was known for her roles in Brazilian telenovelas, including "Pantanal," "O Rei do Gado" and "A Viagem." She also appeared in films such as "Orfeu" and "O Tronco."

In addition to acting, Nacarati was an accomplished painter and writer. She published several books of poetry and essays, and her artwork was exhibited in galleries across Brazil.

Nacarati was married to actor Edwin Luisi and the couple had two children together. She passed away in 2009 at the age of 67 from complications related to lung cancer. She is remembered as a talented and versatile performer who made significant contributions to Brazilian theater, television, and cinema.

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