Brazilian musicians born in the year 1947

Here are 6 famous musicians from Brazil were born in 1947:

Rita Lee

Rita Lee (December 31, 1947 Vila Mariana-) otherwise known as Rita Lee Jones, The Grandmother of Rock, Queen of Rock, A Rainha do Rock, Rita Lee Jones Carvalho or Os Mutantes is a Brazilian singer, actor, composer, author, songwriter and film score composer. She has three children, Beto Lee, João Lee and Antônio Lee.

Her most important albums: Fruto Proibido, Rita Lee em Bossa 'n Roll, Acústico MTV, Santa Rita de Sampa, Grandes sucessos de Rita Lee e Roberto, Meus momentos, The Greatest Hits - Lanca Perfume E Outras Manias, A marca da Zorra, Baila Conmigo and Build Up. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Tropicália, Latin American music, Disco, Música popular brasileira, Latin pop, Glam rock, Psychedelic rock and Avant-garde music.

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John Neschling

John Neschling (May 13, 1947 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. John Luciano Neschling is a Brazilian film score composer, composer and conductor. He has three children, Luiza Neschling, Pedro Neschling and Benjamim Neschling.

Discography: Bridge Across the Pyrenees, Tchaikovsky - Medtner: First Piano Concertos, Fontena di Roma / Pini di Roma / Feste Romane, , , , Vadim Gluzman: Barber - Bernstein - Bloch, , and .

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Zé Rodrix

Zé Rodrix (November 25, 1947 Rio de Janeiro-May 22, 2009 São Paulo) a.k.a. José Rodrigues Trindade was a Brazilian film score composer, composer, singer and musician. He had six children, Raphael Rodrix, Barbara Rodrix, Mayana Rodrix, Antonio Rodrix, Mariana Rodrix and Joy Rodrigues.

Rodrix was known for his contribution to the Brazilian music scene, particularly the music genre known as MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). He was a member of the musical group "Som Imaginário" which also included renowned Brazilian musicians such as Wagner Tiso and Robertinho Silva.

Apart from being an active musician, Rodrix also composed music for various Brazilian films and television shows. Some of his notable works include the soundtrack for the Brazilian film "Bye Bye Brasil" which was directed by Carlos Diegues.

In addition to his musical career, Rodrix was also involved in political and social activism. He participated in various protests and movements such as the fight against Brazil's dictatorship regime in the 1970s.

Rodrix's legacy in the Brazilian music industry lives on, as his contributions to the development and popularization of MPB continue to be celebrated and remembered by music enthusiasts in Brazil and beyond.

Throughout his career, Zé Rodrix worked closely with other Brazilian music icons such as Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and Gilberto Gil. In 1980, he released "Estreito" which became one of his most popular albums. He was also known for his unique blend of rock, pop, and Brazilian rhythms in his music.

In addition to his music and activism, Rodrix was also a prolific writer. He authored a book of short stories called "O Homem Que Sabia de Cor os Páramos" which loosely translates to "The Man Who Knew the Paramos by Heart". He was also known for his poetry and essays on a variety of subjects.

Zé Rodrix passed away on May 22, 2009 due to a heart attack while performing at a music festival in São Paulo. His death was mourned by fans and fellow musicians across Brazil. Today, he is remembered as one of the most influential and innovative musicians in the history of Brazilian music.

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Alcione Nazareth

Alcione Nazareth (November 21, 1947 São Luís-) otherwise known as Alcione Dias Nazareth, Alcione, Alcione Nazaré, Marrom or A Marrom is a Brazilian singer, composer, songwriter and musician.

Her albums include Ao vivo, Duetos, Faz Uma Loucura Por Mim, Nos bares da vida, O Melhor de Alcione, Valeu, A voz do samba, Alcione Novelas, De tudo que eu gosto and Raridades.

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Vanusa (September 22, 1947 Cruzeiro-) is a Brazilian actor and singer. She has two children, Amanda Marcos and Aretha.

Genres: Música popular brasileira and Pop rock.

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Egberto Gismonti

Egberto Gismonti (December 5, 1947 Carmo, Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Egberto Gismoti or Egberto Amin Gismonti is a Brazilian jazz pianist, composer, guitarist, film score composer and singer. He has two children, Bianca Gismonti and Alexandre Gismonti.

His albums: Egberto Gismonti, Sonho 70, Academia de danças, Circense, Works, Trem Caipira, Árvore, Selected Recordings, Dança das Cabeças and Sol Do Meio Dia.

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