Brazilian musicians died when they were 54

Here are 8 famous musicians from Brazil died at 54:

Affonso Eduardo Reidy

Affonso Eduardo Reidy (October 26, 1909 Paris-August 10, 1964 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian architect.

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Narbal Fontes

Narbal Fontes (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1960) was a Brazilian writer.

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Carlos José Castilho

Carlos José Castilho (April 15, 1932 Rio de Janeiro-February 2, 1987) also known as Carlos Jose Castilho was a Brazilian personality.

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Washington César Santos

Washington César Santos (January 3, 1960 Valença, Bahia-May 25, 2014 Curitiba) a.k.a. Washington Cesar Santos was a Brazilian football player.

He died as a result of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Lúcio Cardoso

Lúcio Cardoso (August 14, 1913 Brazil-April 5, 1968) was a Brazilian personality.

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Benjamin Constant

Benjamin Constant (October 18, 1836 Brazil-January 22, 1891) was a Brazilian personality.

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Zequinha de Abreu

Zequinha de Abreu (September 19, 1880 São Paulo-January 22, 1935 São Paulo) also known as de Abreu, Zequinha was a Brazilian personality.

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Jardel Filho

Jardel Filho (July 24, 1928 São Paulo-February 19, 1983 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as Jardel Frederico Bôscoli was a Brazilian actor. He had two children, Tania Boscoli and Adriana de Boscoli.

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