Argentine musicians who were born in 1968

Here are 5 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1968:

Chango Spasiuk

Chango Spasiuk (September 23, 1968 Apóstoles-) otherwise known as Spasiuk, Chango is an Argentine musician and accordionist.

Discography: Tarefero De Mis Pagos (Sounds From The Red Land), Polcas de mi Tierra, Pynandí (Los Descalzos) and The Charm of Chamame.

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Andrés Ciro Martínez

Andrés Ciro Martínez (January 11, 1968 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine singer, musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

He is best known as the former lead singer of the popular rock band Los Piojos. After the band disbanded in 2009, Martinez formed his own band, Ciro y los Persas, and has since released several successful albums. Throughout his career, he has been praised for his versatile voice, blending rock, reggae, and folk influences into his music. In addition to his music career, he has also acted in films, including the 2003 Argentine comedy-drama film, Whisky Romeo Zulu. Martinez is considered one of the most influential figures in Argentine rock music and has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Carlos Gardel Award for Best Rock Album.

Martinez grew up in a musical family and began playing the guitar at a young age. He formed his first band, La Covacha, in the late 1980s before joining Los Piojos in 1989. With Los Piojos, Martinez helped to popularize the fusion of rock and Latin American rhythms in the Argentine music scene, earning a loyal fan base.

After the success of Los Piojos, Martinez decided to pursue a solo career and founded Ciro y los Persas in 2009. The band's debut album, "Espejos" (Mirrors), was released the following year and quickly gained critical acclaim. The band has since released five more albums, including "Naranja Persa, Vol. 1" and "Naranja Persa, Vol. 2", which were both certified Platinum in Argentina.

Martinez has also been involved in various humanitarian causes, including supporting efforts to distribute drinking water to low-income communities in Argentina. He was awarded the Konex Award for Best Solo Rock Artist in 2015 and continues to tour and perform to sold-out crowds throughout Latin America.

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Sebastián Escofet

Sebastián Escofet (July 4, 1968 La Plata-) also known as Sebastian Escofet, Sebastian Escofett, Sebastián Escofett or Escofet, Sebastian is an Argentine film score composer and musician.

Escofet studied classical guitar and composition at the National University of La Plata, and later completed a degree in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has composed music for a number of films, including "La Ciénaga", "The Holy Girl", and "Family Law", all directed by Lucrecia Martel. Escofet has been awarded several nominations and awards for his work, including a nomination for Best Original Score at the Argentine Academy Awards in 2007 for his score for "The Holy Girl". He is also a member of the Argentine Academy of Music and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In addition to his film scoring work, Escofet has recorded several albums as a composer and performer, which blend classical, folk, and contemporary influences.

Escofet's musical talent was recognized at a young age when he won first prize at the National Guitar Competition in Argentina at the age of 16. He released his first solo album, "Espacios" in 1997, which was followed by "Cuentos de la Selva" in 2001, and "Adagios" in 2008. Escofet's music has been described as emotive and introspective, and has earned him critical praise and a dedicated following. In addition to his work in music, Escofet has also served as a professor of film scoring at the National University of La Plata, and has given lectures and workshops on film music in Argentina, the United States, and Europe. Escofet continues to compose music for film and release albums, and is considered one of the foremost film score composers and musicians in Argentina.

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Claudia Brant

Claudia Brant (July 21, 1968 Buenos Aires-) also known as Claudia Alejandra Menkarski is an Argentine singer, composer and songwriter.

Her albums include Manuscrito.

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Pit Passarell

Pit Passarell (November 4, 1968 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine musician, bassist, composer and singer.

Genres: Heavy metal and Pop rock.

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