Brazilian musicians died in Myocardial infarction

Here are 5 famous musicians from Brazil died in Myocardial infarction:

Aurora Miranda

Aurora Miranda (April 20, 1915 Rio de Janeiro-December 22, 2005 Leblon) also known as Aurora Miranda da Cunha, Aurora or Aurora Miranda of Brazil was a Brazilian singer and actor. Her children are Gabriel Richaid and Maria Paula Richaid.

Aurora Miranda was born into a family of performers and began her career as a dancer in Brazil. She gained international fame after appearing alongside her sister, Carmen Miranda, in the 1942 Hollywood musical "The Three Caballeros". Aurora also recorded music and acted in several Brazilian films during her career. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she was an advocate for Brazilian culture and worked to promote it around the world. She continued to perform and make appearances well into her older years and was widely respected as an icon in the Brazilian entertainment industry.

Aurora Miranda's career began in Brazil with her dancing performances, and her talent quickly caught the attention of Hollywood. In addition to her role in "The Three Caballeros," she also appeared in the film "Week-End in Brazil" (1944) and recorded several songs for the movie's soundtrack. Her success in Hollywood led to performances in New York City and an invitation to perform for President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House.

After returning to Brazil, Miranda continued to perform in films, including the hit musical "Naná" (1944). She also recorded numerous songs throughout her career, including the popular samba "Tico-Tico no Fubá." Miranda's advocacy for Brazilian culture extended beyond her performances, as she worked with government officials to promote Brazilian music and dance around the world.

In later years, Miranda focused on teaching dance and music to young performers while continuing to make occasional performances herself. Her contributions to Brazilian entertainment and culture earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the Brazilian Order of Cultural Merit. Aurora Miranda will always be remembered as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, honored for her talent, dedication, and advocacy for Brazilian culture.

Throughout her career, Aurora Miranda also worked alongside her sister, Carmen Miranda, who was a prominent star in both Brazil and Hollywood during the 1940s. The sisters appeared together in several films, including "Alô, Alô, Carnaval" (1936), "Banana da Terra" (1939), and "Stern von Rio" (1940). However, while Carmen's career continued to flourish in Hollywood, Aurora chose to remain in Brazil and focus on her local career.

Even though she was often overshadowed by her more famous sister, Aurora Miranda was an accomplished performer in her own right. Her graceful dancing, luminous smile, and melodious voice enchanted audiences both in Brazil and beyond. She was also known for her kindness, humor, and generosity, and was admired by many for her dedication to preserving and promoting Brazilian culture.

Aurora Miranda passed away in December 2005 at the age of 90, leaving behind a legacy of artistic excellence and cultural pride. Today, she is celebrated as one of Brazil's most beloved and influential performers, a shining example of talent, beauty, and passion.

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Raul Seixas

Raul Seixas (June 28, 1945 Salvador-August 21, 1989 São Paulo) a.k.a. Seixas, Raul, Raulzito or Raul dos Santos Seixas was a Brazilian guitarist, songwriter, record producer, singer and singer-songwriter. He had three children, Simone Andréa Wisner Seixas, Scarlet Vaquer Seixas and Vivian Costa Seixas.

His albums include Mata Virgem, Bis, A Panela do Diabo, Abre-te Sésamo, O Baú do Raul, Personalidade, Série Grandes Nomes, As Profecias, Maluco Beleza and A Pedra Do Gênesis. Genres related to him: Rock music, Rockabilly, Hard rock, Blues, Rock and roll, Blues rock, Psychedelic rock, Country rock, Folk music, Folk rock, Música popular brasileira, Acid rock, Brazilian rock, Forró and Baião.

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Cássia Eller

Cássia Eller (December 10, 1962 Rio de Janeiro-December 29, 2001 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Cassia Eller, Eller, Cássia or Cássia Rejane Eller was a Brazilian singer, singer-songwriter and musician. She had one child, Francisco Eller Fialho.

Discography: Ao Vivo, Música urbana, Millennium, Com você... Meu mundo ficaria completo, Cássia Rock Eller, Dez de dezembro, Perfil, Veneno AntiMonotonia, Cássia Eller and O marginal. Genres she performed include Rock music, Música popular brasileira, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Grunge, Punk rock and Samba.

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Bezerra Da Silva

Bezerra Da Silva (February 23, 1927 Recife-January 17, 2005 Rio de Janeiro) otherwise known as Bezerra da Silva or José Bezerra da Silva was a Brazilian musician. He had one child, Thalamy Bezerra da Silva.

His discography includes: Partido Alto Nota 10, 100 Anos de Música, Acervo Especial, Meu Bom Juiz, O Melhor de Bezerra da Silva, Produto do Morro, O Rei do Côco, Volume 2, O Partido Alto do Samba, Malandro and Cocada Boa.

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Jair Rodrigues

Jair Rodrigues (February 6, 1939 Igarapava-May 8, 2014 Cotia) a.k.a. Jair Rodriguez or Jair Rodrigues de Oliveira was a Brazilian singer, actor, musician and businessperson. He had two children, Jair Oliveira and Luciana Mello.

His discography includes: Festa Para Um Rei Negro, Minha Historia, Serestas & Serenatas, Em Branco E Preto, A Nova Bossa De Jair Rodrigues, Dois na Bossa, Alma Negra, Intérprete, 500 Anos De Folia - Volume 2 and . Genres related to him: Latin American music.

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