Brazilian musicians died in Traffic collision

Here are 1 famous musicians from Brazil died in Traffic collision:


Gonzaguinha (September 22, 1945 Rio de Janeiro-April 29, 1991 Renascença) otherwise known as Luis Gonzaga Jr, Luiz Gonzaga Jr. or Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento Júnior was a Brazilian singer and songwriter. His children are called Mariana Gonzaga, Daniel Gonzaga, Fernanda Gonzaga and Amora Pêra.

His albums: Plano de Vôo, Recado, Alô, Alô Brasil, Bis Gonzaguinha, Caminhos do Coração, Perfil, Performance, Trabalho de Parto, Meus Momentos and A música brasileira deste século por seus autores e intérpretes: Gonzaguinha. Genres he performed include Samba and Música popular brasileira.

Gonzaguinha was the son of the renowned Brazilian folk singer, Luiz Gonzaga. He began his career in music in the late 1960s, performing as a member of several small groups before launching his solo career in the early 1970s. His music was heavily influenced by the Tropicália movement of the time and included themes of social commentary, political activism, and human rights issues.

His song "O Que É, O Que É?" (What is it, What is it?) became one of his most popular and enduring hits, and was covered by several other Brazilian artists. Gonzaguinha continued to release successful albums throughout the 1980s, earning critical acclaim for his songwriting and capturing the hearts of audiences in Brazil and beyond.

Tragically, Gonzaguinha died in a car accident in 1991, at the age of 45. Nevertheless, his legacy in Brazilian music endures to this day, as his powerful lyrics and soulful performances continue to inspire generations of musicians and listeners.

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