British actresses born in 1954

Here are 15 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1954:

Trudie Styler

Trudie Styler (January 6, 1954 Bromsgrove-) is a British film producer, actor and film director. She has four children, Eliot Paulina Sumner, Jake Sumner, Mickey Sumner and Giacomo Sumner.

Trudie Styler is best known for her work with her husband, musician Sting. The couple have been married since 1992 and are known for their philanthropic work. Styler has produced a number of films, including "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Moon". In addition to her work in film, Styler is also a committed environmentalist and has been involved in a number of environmental causes. She is the founder of the Rainforest Foundation Fund and is also involved with the Environmental Media Association. In 2016, she directed and produced a documentary called "Freak Show", which was based on a novel by James St. James. It premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and later at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Judi Bowker

Judi Bowker (April 6, 1954 Compton and Shawford-) is a British actor and ballet dancer.

She started dancing at a young age and later won a scholarship to attend the Royal Ballet School. After graduation, Bowker pursued a career in acting, making her debut in the 1972 film "Young Winston." She is best known for her performance as Andromeda in the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans." Bowker has also appeared in numerous TV shows including "The Tomorrow People" and "The Onedin Line." In addition to her acting career, Bowker has also worked as a choreographer for various productions.

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Carol Royle

Carol Royle (February 10, 1954 Blackpool-) also known as Carol B. Royle is a British actor. She has two children, Taran Spear and Talitha Spear.

Royle trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She made her television debut in the 1980s with a role in the BBC drama series "Blake's 7". She is best known for playing Doctor Alex Redman in the long-running medical drama series "Casualty". In addition to her television work, Royle has also appeared in numerous stage productions in London's West End and throughout the UK. She has also worked as a voiceover artist and has narrated documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. Royle is an advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken publicly about her own struggles with depression.

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Anne Lambton

Anne Lambton (July 4, 1954 London-) also known as Anne Mary Gabrielle Lambton, Anna Lambton, Ann Lambton, Lady Anne Lambton or Lady Anne Mary Gabrielle Lambton is a British actor.

She was born into an aristocratic family and is the daughter of Antony Lambton, 6th Earl of Durham. Lambton is known for her appearances in various films such as "The Draughtsman's Contract", "Falling in Love Again" and "Nijinsky". In addition to acting, she is a writer, art critic, and historian. Lambton has also written various articles for The Spectator, The Independent, and Apollo magazines. Her book "Margot Fonteyn" won the Deems Taylor Award for music writing. She is highly regarded in the art world and has curated numerous exhibitions at the British Museum and National Portrait Gallery. Despite her distinguished career and upbringing, Lambton has battled addiction and has been open about her struggles with drug abuse.

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Liz Robertson

Liz Robertson (May 4, 1954 Ilford-) is a British singer and actor.

She began her career as a vocalist in the girl group, The Young Generation, which led to appearances on various television shows including The Benny Hill Show and The Morecambe and Wise Show. Robertson went on to star in numerous West End productions including playing Maria in the 1980 revival of The Sound of Music at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. She received critical acclaim for her performances in the original London productions of Song and Dance and the 1985 revival of My Fair Lady at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. In addition to her stage work, Robertson has made appearances on film and television, including an episode of Midsomer Murders and a small role in the 2006 film, V for Vendetta. She has also released several albums and has performed in concerts and cabarets around the world.

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Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer (September 24, 1954 Carmarthen-) also known as Helen is a British comedian, actor and screenwriter. Her child is called Hannah Lederer-Alton.

Helen Lederer is best known for her roles as Catriona in the BBC comedy series "Absolutely Fabulous" and as Miss Fritton in "St Trinian's" film series. She has also appeared in numerous other TV shows such as "The Young Ones", "One Foot in the Grave", and "Hollyoaks". In addition to her acting career, Lederer is also a successful comedian and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and other venues across the UK. She has written several books, including comedy novels, and has contributed to various newspapers and magazines as a columnist. Lederer is also a passionate advocate for literacy and has been involved with various charities and organizations that promote reading and writing.

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Belinda Mayne

Belinda Mayne (October 2, 1954 London-) otherwise known as Belinda L. Mayne is a British actor.

She is best known for her performances in British films and television shows during the 1970s and 1980s. Mayne made her screen debut in the 1972 film "Love Under Thirty" and went on to appear in several popular TV shows, including "Doctor Who," "The Sweeney," and "Minder."

In addition to her work in film and television, Mayne has also acted in stage productions such as "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Sound of Music." She has also worked as a voiceover artist, lending her voice to various animated TV shows and video games.

Mayne is a versatile actress with a diverse range of talents. She has played a wide variety of characters over the years, from tough detectives to gentle-hearted nuns. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, Mayne has always maintained a low profile and is known for her down-to-earth personality.

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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox (December 25, 1954 Aberdeen-) also known as Anne Lennox, Annie Lenox, annie_lennox, Ann Lennox, Lennox, Annie, Ann Griselda Lennox, Ann ""Annie"" Lennox or A. Lennox is a British singer-songwriter, actor, musician and political activist. She has three children, Lola Fruchtmann, Tali Fruchtmann and Daniel Fruchtmann.

With a career spanning over four decades, Annie Lennox had her breakthrough as the lead vocalist of the popular band Eurythmics in the 1980s. Together with her creative partner, Dave Stewart, she produced hits such as "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and "Here Comes the Rain Again". In addition to her work with Eurythmics, Lennox has also enjoyed a successful solo career, producing such critically acclaimed albums as "Diva" and "Medusa".

Throughout her career, Lennox has also remained committed to various social and political causes, particularly those related to human rights and HIV/AIDS. She is a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador and has worked with organizations such as Oxfam and Amnesty International to raise awareness and funds for these issues. Lennox has been recognized for her contributions to music and activism with numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, and an OBE.

Beyond her music and activism, Lennox is a mother of three and has been open about her struggles with mental health and depression. In her autobiography, "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life in Music", Lennox discusses these struggles and the personal experiences that have shaped her life and career.

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Lesley-Anne Down

Lesley-Anne Down (March 17, 1954 Wandsworth-) also known as Lesley Anne Down, Lesley-Ann Down, Leslie-Anne Down, Lesley Down or Lesley Downs is a British actor, model and singer. She has two children, Jackson Friedkin and George-Edward FauntLeRoy.

Down began her acting career at the age of 15, appearing in the British drama series "Upstairs, Downstairs". She gained international recognition for her role as Lady Georgina Worsley in the miniseries "The Duchess of Duke Street" in 1976. She went on to star in a number of TV shows and films, including "North and South", "Dallas", and "The Bold and the Beautiful".

In addition to acting, Down has also worked as a model and a singer. She appeared on the cover of several magazines, including Playboy in 1973. She also released a music album titled "Lesley-Anne Down" in 1979, which featured both original songs and covers.

Down has been married and divorced twice. Her first husband was film director William Friedkin, with whom she has a son named Jackson Friedkin. She later married assistant cameraman Don E. FauntLeRoy and has another son with him named George-Edward FauntLeRoy.

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Cherri Gilham

Cherri Gilham (December 31, 1954 United Kingdom-) also known as Cheryl Gilham, Cherry Gilham, Cheryl G DeMille, Cherry Gillam, Cherry Gilliam or Cherri Blairout-Gilham is a British actor, nude glamour model, writer, musician, film producer and activist. She has one child, Lord Fader of The Loose Cannons.

Cherri Gilham began her career as a model and appeared in numerous men's magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse. She then transitioned to acting and appeared in several films and TV shows. Gilham is also a talented musician and has produced several albums, including "Cherry Oh Baby" and "The Cherry Bombshell." In addition to her entertainment career, Gilham is a dedicated activist and has worked on various causes such as animal rights and environmental issues. She also founded her own production company, Cherry Bomb Films, which focuses on creating socially conscious films. Gilham's artistic talents and activism have made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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Leni Harper

Leni Harper (March 19, 1954 Glasgow-) is a British actor.

She is known for her work in stage productions in London's West End and for her performances in popular British television dramas. Harper developed a passion for acting from a young age and began performing in local amateur productions. She eventually moved to London to pursue a career in acting and landed her first professional role in a production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Harper went on to become a highly sought-after stage actor and has appeared in numerous productions, including "The Importance of Being Earnest" and "Hamlet". She has also enjoyed success on television, with roles in popular shows such as "Downton Abbey" and "Doctor Who". In addition to her acting career, Harper is also an advocate for the arts and has been involved in various initiatives to promote arts education and accessibility.

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Elaine Jin

Elaine Jin (December 15, 1954 Taiwan-) a.k.a. Eline Chin, Yin-Ling Chin, Yanling Jin, Elaine Kam, Yin-Ling Kam or Chin Yen-ling is a British actor and singer.

Born in Taiwan, Elaine Jin moved to the UK during her teenage years where she began her career in the arts. She is known for her work in both British and Hong Kong cinema, having starred in films such as "The Victim", "Full Alert" and "Portland Street Blues", among many others.

Aside from acting, Jin is also a talented singer and has released several albums in Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as collaborating with other artists. She has won multiple awards for her performances, including Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards.

Jin is also an active member of the Chinese community in the UK and has been involved in promoting Chinese culture through various projects and events. In 2016, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Hertfordshire for her contributions to the arts and community service.

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Marie McLaughlin

Marie McLaughlin (November 2, 1954 Hamilton-) also known as McLaughlin, Marie is a British actor and opera singer.

Marie McLaughlin studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and made her operatic debut in 1979 with the Scottish Opera. Throughout her career, she has performed in several renowned opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House, and the Paris Opera. McLaughlin is known for her exceptional soprano voice, and she has received critical acclaim for her performances in popular operas such as Mozart's "Don Giovanni" and "The Marriage of Figaro," as well as in lesser-known works. In addition to her operatic career, McLaughlin has also appeared in several productions of musical theatre, including "The Phantom of the Opera." She has received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the arts, including an OBE in 2004.

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Catriona MacColl

Catriona MacColl (October 3, 1954 London-) also known as Katriona MacColl, Catriona Mac-Coll, Catriola MacColl, Catriona McCall or Katherine MacColl is a British actor.

She is well-known for her role in the horror film "The Beyond" directed by Lucio Fulci. MacColl began her acting career in the 1970s and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. She has worked with prominent directors like Ken Russell and Dario Argento. MacColl is also an accomplished stage actress and has performed in several theater productions in the United Kingdom. She is regarded as a cult favorite amongst horror movie lovers and continues to work in the entertainment industry.

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Sally Farmiloe

Sally Farmiloe (July 14, 1954 Cape Town-July 28, 2014 London) a.k.a. Sally Farmiloe-Neville, Sals or Sarah Farmiloe was a British actor.

She is known for her appearances in TV shows like "The Gentle Touch," "Howard's Way," and "Absolutely Fabulous." Farmiloe began her career in entertainment as a dancer, working in West End shows before moving into acting. She later became a successful author and wrote a memoir titled "My Left Boob," chronicling her battle with breast cancer. Farmiloe was also an avid campaigner for animal rights and worked with various organizations to promote animal welfare. Despite facing many health challenges throughout her life, she continued to work in the entertainment industry until her passing in 2014.

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