British actresses died at age 41

Here are 5 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 41:

Enid Stamp Taylor

Enid Stamp Taylor (June 12, 1904 Monkseaton-January 13, 1946 London) also known as Enid Stamp-Taylor or Enid Taylor was a British actor. She had one child, Robin Anne.

Enid Stamp Taylor was born in Monkseaton, Northumberland, England, and began her acting career on stage in the mid-1920s. She eventually transitioned to film in the 1930s, where she achieved success as a leading lady. Some of her notable films include "The Ghost Camera" (1933), "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (1939), and "The Saint in London" (1939).

During World War II, Stamp Taylor used her acting skills to assist the war effort, performing for the troops and in charitable performances. Unfortunately, she passed away at the young age of 41 due to complications from pneumonia. Despite her relatively short career, Stamp Taylor made lasting contributions to British film and theater.

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Katrin Cartlidge

Katrin Cartlidge (May 15, 1961 Westminster-September 7, 2002 London) also known as Katrin Juliet Cartlidge was a British actor.

She died as a result of pneumonia.

Cartlidge was known for her versatile roles in films such as "Naked," "Breaking the Waves," and "Career Girls." She earned critical acclaim and several awards for her performances throughout her career. Cartlidge was also a prominent figure in the British independent film industry, known for supporting and championing emerging filmmakers. In addition to her on-screen work, she was also a beloved stage actress, appearing in productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

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Sophiya Haque

Sophiya Haque (June 14, 1971 Portsmouth-January 17, 2013 London) a.k.a. Sofia Haque, Sophia Haque or Syeda Sophia Haque was a British actor, vj, singer and dancer.

She died in pneumonia.

Sophiya Haque was of Bangladeshi descent and grew up in England. She began her career in entertainment as a dancer, performing in music videos and on tours with leading musicians of the time, including Madonna and Kylie Minogue. She later transitioned to acting and appeared in several popular TV shows and films, including the BBC TV series "Doctor Who" and the Bollywood film "Snip!" She was also a VJ (video jockey) for the music channels MTV Asia and Channel V. Haque was known for her vivacious personality and infectious energy both on and off screen.

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Nancy Burne

Nancy Burne (December 23, 1912 London-March 25, 1954 Maidstone) was a British actor and child actor.

Despite being born to a family of actors and having a successful career as a child actor in several silent films, Nancy Burne retired from the entertainment industry at the young age of 12 to focus on her education. She went on to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and later returned to acting as an adult, appearing in several films and stage productions. Burne was widely regarded as a talented performer and drew critical acclaim for her performances in productions such as "Maria Marten" and "The Rape of Lucrece." Tragically, Burne passed away at the age of 41 from a brain hemorrhage.

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Vivienne Chatterton

Vivienne Chatterton was a British actor.

She was born on June 29, 1900, in London, England. Chatterton began her acting career with the Liverpool Repertory Company in 1918. She later joined the Old Vic theatre company and appeared in many stage productions. In 1929, she made her film debut in "The Clue of the New Pin" and went on to appear in over 40 films throughout her career, including notable roles in "The Skin Game" (1931) and "The Lady Vanishes" (1938). Chatterton also acted in several television series in the 1950s and 1960s. She retired from acting in 1968 and passed away on November 24, 1978, in Denville Hall, Northwood, England.

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