German actors who deceased in 1993

Here are 6 famous actors from Germany died in 1993:

Fritz Feld

Fritz Feld (October 15, 1900 Berlin-November 18, 1993 Los Angeles) also known as Fritz Feilchenfeld was a German actor. He had two children, Danny Feld and Steve Feld.

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Werner Stocker

Werner Stocker (April 7, 1955 Flintsbach-May 27, 1993 Munich) was a German actor.

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Hans Christian Blech

Hans Christian Blech (February 20, 1915 Darmstadt-March 5, 1993 Munich) also known as H.C. Blech or Hans-Christian Blech was a German actor and soldier.

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Siegfried Schürenberg

Siegfried Schürenberg (January 12, 1900 Detmold-August 31, 1993 Berlin) also known as Siegfried Wittig or Siegfried Hermann Andreas Wittig was a German actor and voice actor. He had one child, Andreas Schürenberg.

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Hellmut Lantschner

Hellmut Lantschner (November 11, 1909-July 4, 1993 Lans, Tyrol) was a German alpine skier and actor.

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Ernst von Klipstein

Ernst von Klipstein (February 3, 1908 Poznań-November 22, 1993) was a German actor.

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