British actresses died in 1960

Here are 4 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1960:

Amy Veness

Amy Veness (February 26, 1876 Aldeburgh-September 22, 1960 Saltdean) a.k.a. Amy Van Ness was a British actor.

Amy Veness was born in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England on February 26, 1876. She started her acting career when she was in her thirties and worked as a stage actress for over four decades. Veness was known for her versatility and her ability to play a variety of roles.

In 1913, she made her film debut in the British comedy film "A Will and a Way." Veness went on to appear in over 70 films during her career, often playing small and supporting roles. Some of her notable film roles include Mrs. Fairfax in "Jane Eyre" (1943), Mrs. Wickens in "Great Expectations" (1946), and Mrs. Fitzherbert in "The Mudlark" (1950).

Aside from her work in film, Veness was also a prolific stage actress, performing in productions of plays such as "The Importance of Being Earnest," "Major Barbara," and "Pygmalion." She was well-respected in the British theater community and was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1951 for her contributions to the performing arts.

Amy Veness passed away on September 22, 1960 in Saltdean, Sussex, England. She was 84 years old at the time of her death.

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Beryl Ingham

Beryl Ingham (November 27, 2014 Haslingden-December 24, 1960 Blackpool) otherwise known as Beryl Formby was a British actor and dancer.

She began her career on stage as a chorus girl in the 1920s before transitioning into film in the 1930s. Ingham appeared in several popular British films of the time, including "Blessed Event" (1932), "The Ghost Train" (1931), and "Carnival" (1931). She was also a featured performer in many music hall revues throughout her career.

In addition to her performing career, Ingham was involved in activism and was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. She was outspoken in her support for workers' rights and was known for her fiery speeches at political rallies.

Despite her success on stage and screen, Ingham struggled with alcoholism and died of a heart attack at the age of 46.

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Leonora Corbett

Leonora Corbett (June 28, 1908 London-July 29, 1960 Utrecht) was a British actor.

At age 16, Corbett left school to pursue her interest in acting and began her career in repertory theatre. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and landed a contract with the BBC to perform on radio dramas. In 1934, Corbett made her film debut in "The Rise of Catherine the Great" and went on to appear in numerous films throughout the 1930s and 1940s, including "Antonio" and "Two Thousand Women."

During World War II, Corbett volunteered as a nurse and served with the British Red Cross in North Africa and Italy. After the war, she continued to act in films and on stage, including a successful run in the West End production of "The Relapse" in 1950.

Corbett was also an accomplished painter and exhibited her work in London and Amsterdam. She died at the age of 52 while on vacation in the Netherlands.

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Betty Lawford

Betty Lawford (February 1, 1912 London-November 20, 1960 New York City) a.k.a. Betty Joan Lawford was a British actor.

She began her career on the stage in London, appearing in various productions in the West End. In the early 1940s, Lawford moved to the United States and began working in Hollywood, appearing in a number of films including "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir".

In addition to her film work, Lawford was also active in radio and television, frequently appearing on programs such as "The Lux Radio Theater" and "The Ed Sullivan Show". She was known for her sophisticated and elegant persona, and was often cast in roles as a society woman or elegant lady.

Lawford's personal life was also marked by tragedy. Her husband, producer Arthur F. Loew Jr., died in a plane crash in 1955, leaving her to raise their three children alone. She continued to work in films and television, but her health began to decline in the late 1950s. She died of a heart attack in New York City at the age of 48.

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