British actresses died in 1988

Here are 9 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1988:

Mary Morris

Mary Morris (December 13, 1915 Lautoka-October 14, 1988 Aigle) also known as Mary Lilian Agnes Morris was a British actor.

She was particularly associated with West End drama and gained critical acclaim for her stage performances throughout her career. Morris began her acting career with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in the 1930s before moving on to work with other prestigious theatre companies such as the Old Vic and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. She later appeared in several films and TV shows, including the British TV series 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' and 'The Saint'. Morris was also a respected voice actor, lending her voice to radio dramas, commercials and several documentaries. Throughout her career, Morris was hailed for her versatility and range as an actor, and she continues to be regarded as one of the most accomplished British performers of the 20th century.

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Mona Washbourne

Mona Washbourne (November 27, 1903 Birmingham-November 15, 1988 London) was a British actor and pianist.

She began her career as a pianist, but later turned to acting and became known for her stage performances in the West End. She made her film debut in 1948's "Escape" and went on to appear in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. Washbourne was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1961 for her role in the film "The Trials of Oscar Wilde". She also appeared in popular films such as "My Fair Lady" and "Billy Liar". In addition to her acting career, Washbourne was a well-respected acting coach and mentor to many young actors in the UK.

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Christine Norden

Christine Norden (December 28, 1924 Sunderland-September 21, 1988 Isleworth) a.k.a. Mary Lydia Thornton was a British actor. She had one child, Michael Cole.

Norden began her career as a dancer in the 1930s, performing in various dance troupes across the UK. She then transitioned to acting, appearing in a number of films in the 1940s and 1950s, including "The Blue Lamp" (1950) and "Hunted" (1952). Norden was also a regular on British television, appearing in popular shows such as "The Benny Hill Show" and "The Saint". Despite her success, her acting career declined in the 1960s and she eventually retired from the industry. In her later years, Norden struggled with health issues and financial difficulties, and passed away at the age of 63.

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Muriel Martin-Harvey

Muriel Martin-Harvey (October 4, 1891 London-December 15, 1988 Northwood, London) also known as Margaret Muriel de Melfort Martin-Harvey was a British actor.

She was particularly well-known for her performances on the stage in London's West End. Martin-Harvey made her stage debut at age 16 and went on to appear in numerous productions throughout her career, often playing leading roles. She also appeared in several films, including the silent film version of "The Life Story of David Lloyd George" (1918) and "Aren't Men Beasts?" (1937). Martin-Harvey was part of a prominent theatrical family, with her father, Sir John Martin-Harvey, and her grandfather, Sir Henry Irving, also being well-known actors of their time.

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Fanny Rowe

Fanny Rowe (June 26, 1913 Preston, Lancashire-August 31, 1988 London) also known as Frances Rowe, Frances "Fanny" Rowe or Frances Morton was a British actor.

She began her acting career during the 1930s and appeared in a variety of stage productions before transitioning to radio and television work in the 1950s. Rowe became known for her role as Jane Travers in the British television series, "The Grove Family," which aired from 1954 to 1957. She also appeared in other popular TV shows such as "Z Cars," "No Hiding Place," and "Dixon of Dock Green." In addition to her acting career, Rowe was also an accomplished writer, penning several plays and novels throughout her lifetime. Her novel, "A Needle and a Haystack," was adapted into a made-for-television movie in 1956. Rowe never married and passed away in London in 1988 at the age of 75.

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Myra De Groot

Myra De Groot (July 4, 1937 Westminster-April 4, 1988 Melbourne) also known as Myra Tania De Groot was a British actor.

During her career, Myra De Groot appeared on stage, television, and film. She trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London before moving to Australia in the 1960s.

She became a recognizable face on Australian television and appeared in popular shows such as "Division 4" and "Homicide". De Groot also starred in the 1980s film "The Coca Cola Kid".

Aside from acting, De Groot was also a respected drama teacher and helped many budding actors and actresses hone their skills. In 1988, she tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 50, leaving behind a legacy in the Australian entertainment industry.

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Amelia Bayntun

Amelia Bayntun (March 31, 1919 Bristol-January 1, 1988 Islington) otherwise known as Amelia Ellen Bayntun was a British actor.

She began her career in the 1940s appearing in various stage productions before transitioning to television and film in the 1960s. Bayntun is perhaps best known for her role as Aunt Ada Doom in the 1961 film "The Innocents" and as the voice of Aunt Spiker in the 1996 animated film "James and the Giant Peach". She also appeared in several well-known British TV shows, including "Doctor Who", "The Onedin Line", and "Upstairs, Downstairs". In addition to her acting work, Bayntun was also a talented sculptor and painter. She was married to actor James Hayter until his death in 1983.

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Lesley Wareing

Lesley Wareing (October 16, 1913 Hampstead-April 13, 1988 Faversham) also known as Lesley Hyldyn Shona Wareing or Lesley Waring was a British actor.

She was born in Hampstead, London on October 16, 1913, and grew up in a theatrical family. She began her acting career in the 1930s and went on to have a successful stage and screen career, appearing in many TV series and films throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

In the 1970s, Wareing became a drama teacher and founded the Lesley Waring Drama School in London. She was also a founding member of the British Actors' Equity Association and was an advocate for the rights of actors throughout her life.

Wareing continued to act on stage and screen until her death in Faversham, Kent, on April 13, 1988, at the age of 74. Her contributions to British theatre and film are remembered as a testament to her talent and dedication to the craft.

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Eithne Dunne

Eithne Dunne (November 27, 2014 Belfast-October 22, 1988 London) also known as Ethne Dunn was a British actor.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Eithne Dunne grew up in London, England and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She began her career on stage, appearing in productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre, among others. Dunne also acted in television and film, with notable roles in the BBC series "Doctor Who" and the film "The Elephant Man." Outside of acting, Dunne was known for her activism and was involved in various political and social causes. She tragically passed away at the age of 73 due to a heart attack while performing in a play in London.

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