British actresses died in 2004

Here are 6 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 2004:

Judy Campbell

Judy Campbell (May 31, 1916 Grantham-June 6, 2004 London) a.k.a. Judy Gambel or Judith Mary Gamble was a British actor and playwright. She had three children, Jane Birkin, Andrew Birkin and Linda Mary Birkin.

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Alicia Markova

Alicia Markova (December 1, 1910 London-December 2, 2004 Bath) also known as Lilian Alicia Marks, Lilian Alice Marks or Dame Alicia Markova was a British choreographer, actor and ballet dancer.

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Margo McLennan

Margo McLennan (February 8, 1938 Peckham-July 28, 2004 Colgate, West Sussex) also known as Eileen Marguerite McMenemy, Margo Mayne, Margo McMenemy or Margo Lady McLennan was a British actor.

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Virginia North

Virginia North (January 1, 1945 London-June 5, 2004 East Sussex) also known as Virginia North, Lady White, Virginia, Lady White or Virginia Anne Northrop was a British actor and model. She had one child, Lucas White.

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Hilda Fenemore

Hilda Fenemore (April 22, 1914 St Pancras, London-April 13, 2004 Watford) also known as Hilda Fennemore, Hilda Fennimore or Hilda Lilian Fenemore was a British actor.

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Elsa Buchanan

Elsa Buchanan (December 22, 1908 London-January 17, 2004 Childs Wickham) also known as Elsie Winifred Buchanan Tinker was a British actor.

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