British music stars born in 1968

Here are 44 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1968:

Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee (April 5, 1968 Wellington-) a.k.a. Lee, Stewart is a British comedian, writer, screenwriter, television producer, television director and voice actor.

His discography includes: Pea Green Boat and Jerry Springer: The Opera (Live).

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Aaron Stainthorpe

Aaron Stainthorpe (November 12, 1968 United Kingdom-) also known as Stainthorpe, Aaron is a British singer and lyricist.

Genres he performed include Doom metal, Death metal and Gothic metal.

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Dave Seaman

Dave Seaman (April 29, 1968 England-) a.k.a. Seaman, Dave is a British , .

Discography: Global Underground 012: Dave Seaman in Buenos Aires, Global Underground 016: Dave Seaman in Cape Town, Global Underground 022: Dave Seaman in Melbourne, Renaissance: The Masters Series, Part 1 Awakening, Renaissance: The Mix Collection, Part 4, Renaissance: The Masters Series, Part 10, Back to Mine: Dave Seaman, Renaissance: The Masters Series, Part 14, Renaissance Worldwide: London and This Is Audio Therapy. His related genres: House music and Progressive house.

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Howard Donald

Howard Donald (April 28, 1968 Droylsden-) also known as Donald, Howard or Howard Paul Donald is a British singer, singer-songwriter, record producer, drummer, disc jockey, dancer and pianist.

His related genres: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Dance-pop, Blue-eyed soul, Pop rock, Country, Soul music and Contemporary R&B.

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Roxanna Panufnik

Roxanna Panufnik (April 24, 1968 London-) a.k.a. Panufnik, Roxanna is a British , .

Her albums include Westminster Mass and Messages: Chamber Works for Strings.

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KatieJane Garside

KatieJane Garside (July 8, 1968 London-) a.k.a. Katie Jane Garside, Katie Jane, Lalleshwari, Garside, Katie Jane, Katrina Jane or Katrina Jane Garside is a British singer, lyricist, artist, writer and visual artist.

Her most recognized albums: Lullabies In A Glass Wilderness, The Ventriloquist, Lalleshwari / Lullabies in a Glasswilderness and Corps électriques. Genres she performed: Alternative rock, Experimental music, Alternative metal, Neofolk, Punk rock and Noise rock.

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Mr. C

Mr. C (January 2, 1968 Mile End-) also known as Mr C, Richard West, Sycophant Slags, The Shamen or Mantrac is a British record producer, singer, disc jockey, rapper and actor.

His albums include Change, Because, The Bird & Bees, X-Mix: The Electronic Storm, From the Album Mr. C Presents Subterrain 100% Unreleased, A Thing Called Love and Lunar EP. Genres related to him: Balearic beat, House music, Dub, Electronica and Tech house.

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Brian Cox

Brian Cox (March 3, 1968 Chadderton-) a.k.a. Cox, Brian, Brian Edward Cox, B.E. Cox, Dr Brian Cox, Dr. Brian Cox, Prof Brian Cox, Prof. Brian Cox, Profesor Brian Cox, Professor Brian Cox, Prof. Brian Cox University of Manchester, Professor Brian Cox O.B.E. or Professor Brian Cox OBE is a British physicist and presenter. He has one child, George Eagle Cox.

Cox studied physics at the University of Manchester and obtained his PhD degree in high energy particle physics. He has conducted research at various institutions including CERN, the European particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. Cox is also a professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester and has been awarded numerous academic awards for his contributions to the field.

In addition to his academic work, Cox is well-known for his popular science documentaries and television shows. He has presented programs such as "Wonders of the Solar System," "Wonders of the Universe," and "The Human Universe." Cox has also been a regular contributor to science programs on BBC radio and has written several popular science books including "Why Does E=mc²?" and "The Quantum Universe."

Cox is an advocate for science education and outreach and has been recognized for his efforts in promoting science to the public. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2010 for his services to science.

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Kenneth Hesketh

Kenneth Hesketh (July 20, 1968 Liverpool-) is a British composer.

Hesketh studied music at Liverpool University and later went on to earn a PhD in composition at the Royal College of Music in London. He has been awarded numerous prizes for his compositions including the BBC Young Composer of the Year award in 1996. Hesketh's music is known for its vibrant and intricate use of orchestration, drawing on influences from a wide range of musical styles including jazz and electronic music. His works have been performed and commissioned by leading orchestras and ensembles around the world, including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Hesketh is also a respected music educator and has held teaching positions at several institutions, including Royal Holloway, University of London and the Royal Northern College of Music.

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Richard Harris

Richard Harris (March 5, 1968-) a.k.a. Harris, Richard is a British , .

Richard Harris (born March 5, 1968) is a British actor, singer, and songwriter. He first gained recognition for his roles in the films "This Sporting Life" (1963) and "Camelot" (1967). Harris was nominated for Academy Awards for his performances in "The Field" (1990) and "The Count of Monte Cristo" (2002).

In addition to his successful acting career, Harris released several albums as a singer-songwriter. His most famous song, "MacArthur Park," reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1968. Harris continued to record and perform music throughout his career, even after his acting roles became less frequent.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Harris was also known for his disputes with fellow actors and his battles with alcohol addiction. He passed away on October 25, 2002, at the age of 72.

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Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson (June 11, 1968 Walton-on-Thames-) otherwise known as Prankster, The Prankster, Prankster, The, Robertson, Justin, The Deadstock 33's or Justin Robertson is a British , .

His discography includes: CD Scape, Revtone, Bugged Out, Justin Robertson : Imprint, I'm Still Waiting / Long Jeanne Silver, Revtone - The Berlin Mixes, Gravity, The Pilgrim's Ghost, Magnetic and Underneath the Pines. Genres he performed include Trip hop, Big beat, Electronic music, House music, Dance music, Dancehall, Electronica and Breakbeat.

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Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge (November 24, 1968 Eype-) a.k.a. Burridge, Lee is a British disc jockey and record producer.

His albums: Global Underground: Nubreed 005, Global Underground: 24:7 Lee Burridge, Balance 012: Lee Burridge, Tyrant, Wongel EP, Lost & Found EP and This Is Everybody! On Tour. Genres he performed include Tech house, Breakbeat, Electronica, Acid house, Minimal techno and Electronic dance music.

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Robin Beanland

Robin Beanland (August 27, 1968 Leeds-) also known as Beanland, Robin is a British , .

His discography includes: Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, Killer Cuts, Killer Instinct Gold Cuts Soundtrack, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and DK Jamz: The Original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack.

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Ernesto Tomasini

Ernesto Tomasini (May 15, 1968 Palermo-) is a British actor.

Ernesto Tomasini was born in Palermo, Italy, but later became a British citizen. He is an established actor known for his work in film, theater, and television. Tomasini has performed in various productions around the world, including in London's West End, as well as in Italy, Germany, France, and other countries. He has also worked with numerous celebrated directors, musicians, and artists in his career. Tomasini is also recognized for his talent as a singer, having released several albums throughout his career. In addition to his work in entertainment, he is a writer and an academic who has taught at various universities.

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Jeanne Downs

Jeanne Downs (January 6, 1968-) is a British , .

Jeanne Downs (January 6, 1968-) is a British journalist and news presenter who became known for her work at ITV Central - a regional television news station covering the Midlands in England. Downs began her journalism career working as a news producer and reporter at BBC Radio Sheffield, before joining ITV in 1997. Since then, she has presented a range of news programs including Central Tonight, ITV News Central and ITV Weekend News. Downs is also known for her charity work, particularly for her efforts on behalf of Cancer Research UK. She has been praised for her dedication to raising awareness about cancer and for her passionate advocacy for increased funding for medical research to combat the disease. Throughout her career, Downs has received a number of awards and accolades, including the Midlands Media Awards Presenter of the Year award in 2012.

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Leeroy Thornhill

Leeroy Thornhill (October 8, 1968 Barking-) also known as Thornhill, Leeroy is a British musician, keyboard player, record producer and dancer.

His albums include Beyond All Reasonable Doubt, What U Need and Flightcrank EP. Genres: Electronic music, Big beat, Electronica and Rave music.

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Atticus Ross

Atticus Ross (January 16, 1968 London-) also known as Oni Sakti or Atticuss Ross is a British composer, record producer, audio engineer and film score composer.

Discography: The Social Network, The Book of Eli, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Boston, MA, Immigrant Song, Broken City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Gone Girl: Soundtrack From the Motion Picture and Broken City. His related genres: Electronica, Post-industrial music, Alternative rock, Dark ambient and Experimental music.

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Yvie Burnett

Yvie Burnett (August 8, 1968 Aberdeen-) is a British singer, vocal coach and voice coach.

She first rose to fame as a participant in the UK version of the hit TV show "Popstars" in 2001, where she was one of the judges. Following the show's success, she went on to become a highly sought-after vocal coach, working with many famous singers and performers such as Leona Lewis, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, James Arthur and One Direction. In addition to coaching singers, Burnett also provides voice training for actors, public speakers and business professionals. She has also released several singles and albums throughout her career, showcasing her own singing abilities. In 2018, Burnett became a judge on the BBC One show "All Together Now," which features aspiring singers competing in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.

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Elio Pace

Elio Pace (February 8, 1968 Woking-) is a British musician, singer-songwriter and music director.

His discography includes: A Seat at My Table. Genres he performed include Pop rock.

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Simon Wickham Smith

Simon Wickham Smith (February 2, 1968 England-) otherwise known as Smith, Simon Wickham is a British astrologer.

His albums include Butterfly Dust, Ceaucescu, Zene, Veil (For Greg) and Pulse of the Rooster. Genres he performed: Experimental music.

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Darren Allison

Darren Allison (May 21, 1968 Ashington-) also known as Allison, Darren is a British , .

Genres he performed include Folk music, Baroque pop, Rock music, World music, Pop music, Independent music, Post-rock, Jazz and Avant-garde music.

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Martin Phipps

Martin Phipps (August 1, 1968-) also known as Phipps, Martin or Martin Phibbs is a British composer and film score composer.

His albums: Eureka Street and Brighton Rock - Original Soundtrack Recording.

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Tricky (January 27, 1968 Knowle West-) also known as Adrian Thaws, Starving Souls, Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws or Tricky Kid is a British actor, musician, record producer, rapper, film score composer and audio engineer.

Discography: Black Steel, The B-Side Collection, Poems, Nearly God, I Be the Prophet EP, The Prophet: B-sides & Remixes, Pumpkin, Overcome, Money Greedy / Broken Homes and Mission Accomplished. Genres: Trip hop, Rock music, Intelligent dance music, Hard rock, Alternative metal, Alternative rock, Hip hop music and Alternative hip hop.

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Heather Mills

Heather Mills (January 12, 1968 Aldershot-) a.k.a. Heather Mills McCartney, Heather Anne Mills, Mills, Heather, Lady Heather Mills McCartney or heather_mills is a British model and actor. She has one child, Beatrice McCartney.

Her most well known albums: VO!CE (feat. Paul McCartney).

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Abigail Hopkins

Abigail Hopkins (August 20, 1968 Putney-) also known as Abigail Rhiannedd Hopkins or Abigail Harrison is a British actor, theatre director, singer-songwriter, composer and film score composer.

Her most well known albums: Blue Satin Alley, Smile Road and The Memoirs of an Outlaw.

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Doof (August 31, 1968-) also known as Nick Doof or Nick Barber is a British record producer.

His albums include It's About Time, Mars Needs Women (remix) / Destination Bom, Youth of the Galaxy, Born Again EP, Angelina / Weird Karma, Let's Turn On, Double Dragons, Disposable Hymns to the Infinite, Let's Turn On and Clear Blue Sky. Genres related to him: Psychedelic trance.

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Seamus Haji

Seamus Haji (December 30, 1968-) also known as Mekkah, BBT, Big Bang Theory, The Big Bang Theory, Seamus Haji presents Get This! or Get This! is a British , .

His albums include Freaky, Defected: Def Com 1, So Far Away, Independence, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Sessions: Seamus Haji and 808 / Pulse. Genres he performed: House music and Dance music.

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Billy Boyd

Billy Boyd (August 28, 1968 Glasgow-) also known as William Boyd or Bill is a British actor and musician. His child is called Jack William Boyd.

Boyd gained international recognition for his role as Peregrin Took, also known as Pippin, in the highly-acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy. Apart from his acting career, Boyd is also a talented musician and has released four albums with his band Beecake. He has also contributed to the soundtracks of various films, including the Hobbit trilogy. In addition, Boyd is a passionate supporter of various charities, including the Scottish Youth Theatre, and has been involved in various fundraising efforts for their cause.

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Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis (March 21, 1968 Wigan-) a.k.a. Gregory Ellis or Gregg Ellis is a British actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter, television producer and screenwriter.

He is best known for his work as a voice actor in video games and animated series, including the role of Cullen Rutherford in the Dragon Age series and Captain Tashigi in the English dub of One Piece. As an actor, he has appeared in numerous films and television shows, such as Titanic, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and 24. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Ellis is also a trained martial artist and has a black belt in karate. He is also a philanthropist, raising funds for various organizations supporting mental health and wellness. In 2020, he released his debut album, The Respondent, which features original songs inspired by his personal experiences with love, loss, and mental health.

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Luke Goss

Luke Goss (September 29, 1968 London-) also known as Luke Damon Goss or Bros is a British singer, actor and film producer. He has one child, Carli Goss.

Luke Goss started his career as a drummer in the 80s British band Bros with his twin brother Matt Goss. The band achieved significant success in the late 80s and early 90s, releasing hit singles such as "When Will I Be Famous?" and "I Owe You Nothing". After the band disbanded in 1992, Luke pursued a career in acting, and starred in films such as Blade II (2002), Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), and Death Race 2 (2010).

Aside from acting, Luke has also produced films such as The Last Boy (2019) and Your Move (2017), which he also starred in. He has also appeared in several TV shows such as Red Widow (2013) and the miniseries Frankenstein (2004).

In addition to his career in entertainment, Luke is also a philanthropist and advocate for mental health awareness. He often speaks about his own struggles with depression and encourages others to seek help when needed.

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Paul Edmonds

Paul Edmonds (March 27, 1968 Essex-) is a British musician, composer, teacher and trumpeter.

His discography includes: Lilyfield, Lost in Time and Journey of the Heart. Genres: Jazz.

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Paul Hartnoll

Paul Hartnoll (May 19, 1968 Borough of Dartford-) a.k.a. D.S. Building Contractors, P. or Orbital is a British musician, songwriter, singer and guitarist.

His albums: The Ideal Condition, Seance, Please (feat. Robert Smith) and Patchwork Guilt. Genres he performed: Electronica, Techno, Ambient music, House music, Electronic music and Acoustic music.

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Sonique (June 21, 1968 Crouch End-) also known as Sonia Clarke is a British singer, disc jockey, musician and singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: It Feels So Good, Sky, Limited Edition - DeLuxe Collection, Can't Make Up My Mind, Born to Be Free, Hear My Cry, I Put a Spell on You, On Kosmo, Club Mix and Fantazia British Anthems… Summertime. Genres: House music, Trance music, Electro, Dance-pop, Electronic dance music, Electronica and Dance music.

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Mickey Dale

Mickey Dale (March 22, 1968 Worth Valley-) is a British keyboard player.

Genres he performed: Rock music and Britpop.

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Ally McErlaine

Ally McErlaine (October 31, 1968 Glasgow-) a.k.a. McErlaine, Ally or Alistair Manson McErlaine is a British guitarist and musician.

He is best known as the lead guitarist for the Scottish rock band, Texas, and has been with the band since 1988. McErlaine has also worked as a session musician and producer for other artists, including Mark Shaw of Then Jerico and 1927. In addition to his music career, he has also worked as a radio presenter for various stations, including BBC Radio Scotland. McErlaine is known for his bluesy guitar style and has been praised for his versatility as a musician.

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Steve Barnard

Steve Barnard (January 10, 1968 London-) also known as Barnard, Steve, Smiley or Steve "Smiley" Barnard is a British drummer and musician.

He is best known as the drummer of the popular British alternative rock band, The Alarm. Steve Barnard began playing drums when he was just six years old and his passion for music continued to grow throughout his teenage years. He became a professional musician at the age of 21 and has since played with a number of well-known artists, including Robbie Williams, Joe Strummer, and Emmylou Harris. In addition to his work as a drummer, Barnard is also a skilled photographer and filmmaker.

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Denise Pearson

Denise Pearson (June 13, 1968 Romford-) a.k.a. Pearson, Denise or Deniece Pearson is a British singer and songwriter.

Genres related to her: Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Pop music, Funk, Dance music, Disco and Rock music.

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Ged Lynch

Ged Lynch (July 19, 1968 Manchester-) a.k.a. Jed Lynch or Lynch, Ged is a British percussionist and composer.

He learned to play the drums at a young age and went on to study at the Royal Northern College of Music, where he honed his skills in percussion instruments. Lynch has performed with a wide range of artists over the years, including the famous British indie rock band The Happy Mondays, and electronic musician Björk. He is known for his versatile playing style and his ability to add depth and complexity to any musical arrangement. In addition to performing, Lynch has also become a sought-after composer and producer, working on a variety of projects across different genres. His work as a composer has been featured in films, television shows, and advertisements, earning him critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

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Cathy Rogers

Cathy Rogers (May 28, 1968 Lancashire-) also known as Rogers, Cathy is a British presenter and television producer.

She began her career as a presenter on the children's game show "Finders Keepers" in the 1990s. Rogers then went on to produce and co-present various TV shows, including "The Big Breakfast", "Would I Lie to You?", and "The Friday Night Project".

In addition to her work in television, Rogers has also worked in radio broadcasting and was a co-presenter on BBC Radio 6 Music's "The Freak Zone".

Throughout her career, Rogers has been recognized for her contributions to the entertainment industry, receiving nominations for three BAFTA awards and winning a Royal Television Society award for Best Entertainment Series.

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Ivor Guest, 4th Viscount Wimborne

Ivor Guest, 4th Viscount Wimborne (September 19, 1968-) also known as Guest, Ivor or Ivor Mervyn Vigors Guest, 4th Viscount Wimborne is a British film score composer. He has one child, Greta Guest.

Born on September 19th, 1968, Ivor Guest, 4th Viscount Wimborne is a composer of film scores and a member of the British aristocracy. He inherited the title of Viscount upon the death of his father in 1993. Aside from his work as a composer, Guest also has a background in film production and has worked on several documentaries. His notable film scores include "The Face of an Angel" (2014) and "Life in a Day" (2011). Guest has been praised for his ability to create atmospheric and emotive soundscapes, and his compositions have been compared favorably to those of Hans Zimmer and Max Richter. In addition to his work in film, Guest is also an accomplished musician, playing multiple instruments including the piano and guitar. He currently resides in England with his daughter, Greta Guest.

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Jay Darlington

Jay Darlington (May 3, 1968 Sidcup-) a.k.a. Gandalf, The Shroud or Jesus is a British keyboard player.

Genres he performed: Britpop, Indie rock, Psychedelic rock, Raga rock, Alternative rock and Neo-psychedelia.

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Sabrina (March 15, 1968 Genoa-) also known as Sabrina Salerno or Norma Sabrina Salerno is a British singer, model, record producer and actor. She has one child, Luca Maria Monti.

Her albums: A Flower's Broken, Boys, Angel Boy, Like a Yoyo, Cover Model, Yeah, Yeah (remix), Gringo, Sabrina, Sexy Girl and Boys. Genres related to her: Pop music, Dance-pop, Italo disco, Synthpop, Pop rock and Rock music.

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Sinitta (October 19, 1968 Seattle-) also known as Sinitta Malone is a British singer, record producer, singer-songwriter and actor.

Discography: Sinitta, Right Back Where We Started From, The Remixes & B-Sides Collection, Toy Boy, The Very Best of..., Cross My Broken Heart, Wicked, Naughty Naughty, The Hits+ Collections 86-09: Right Back Where We Started From and The Greatest Hits. Genres she performed: House music, Pop music, Dance music, Rhythm and blues, Dance-pop, Contemporary R&B, Disco and Soul music.

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Pete Fijalkowski

Pete Fijalkowski (December 11, 1968 Surrey-) also known as Piotr Fijalkowski or Pete Fij is a British musician and singer.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock.

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