British music stars died at age 35

Here are 1 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 35:

Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb (January 19, 1848 Dawley-July 24, 1883) was a British swimmer and sailor.

Webb was the first recorded person to swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aids. The swim took him 21 hours and 45 minutes and he covered a distance of 39.7 miles (64 km). After his successful swim, he became a celebrity and went on tour giving swimming demonstrations.

In addition to his swimming accomplishments, Webb also had a career as a sailor. He served as a captain in the Merchant Navy and later became a shipbroker. In 1883, he attempted to swim through the Whirlpool Rapids on the Niagara River but died in the attempt. His legacy lives on as a pioneering swimmer and adventurer.

In addition, Matthew Webb was born into a family with a strong aquatic background. His father was a doctor in the Royal Navy and his mother was a daughter of a master mariner. Webb began his swimming career as a teenager when he worked as a merchant seaman. He was known for his strong physical build and endurance. Before his successful Channel swim, he attempted the feat twice, but was unsuccessful. Webb's crossing of the English Channel inspired many swimmers to attempt the same feat and is regarded as a significant milestone in the history of swimming. His achievements were recognized in his lifetime when he received the Order of the Red Cross from the Queen of Portugal. His legacy also inspired the creation of the Channel Swimming Association, which continues to certify swimmers who complete the crossing of the Channel from England to France.

Webb's attempt to swim through the Whirlpool Rapids on the Niagara River was not his first dangerous adventure. He had already attempted to swim across the rapids of the Niagara in 1883, only a few weeks prior to his final attempt. During this first attempt, he narrowly survived being pulled under by the current and his assistant drowned in the attempt. Despite this setback, Webb was determined to try again and made a second attempt a few weeks later. Sadly, he was not successful and was swept away by the rapids. His body was recovered several days later downstream from the site of his attempt. Despite his tragic end, Webb's legacy as a pioneer in swimming and adventure lives on, inspiring many to push their own boundaries and achieve great things.

He died as a result of drowning.

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