British music stars deceased in Surgical complications

Here are 6 famous musicians from United Kingdom died in Surgical complications:

Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence (October 5, 1919 Worksop-February 2, 1995 Saint Paul de Vence) also known as Donald Henry Pleasence, Donald Pleasance, Don Pleasence, Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE or Donald Plesance was a British actor, soldier and voice actor. He had five children, Angela Pleasence, Miranda Pleasence, Lucy Pleasance, Polly Jo Pleasence and Jean Pleasence.

Pleasence began his acting career on stage and later transitioned to film and television. He appeared in numerous films throughout his career, including "The Great Escape," "You Only Live Twice," "Escape from New York," and "Halloween," where he played the iconic character of Dr. Samuel Loomis. He was also known for his roles in horror films, such as "The House That Dripped Blood" and "Prince of Darkness."

Apart from acting, Pleasence served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and was a prisoner of war for a brief period. He was also a keen linguist and spoke several languages fluently. In addition to his acting career, Pleasence lent his voice to several animated projects, including the voice of the Narrator in "The Wind in the Willows."

Pleasence was recognized for his contributions to the entertainment industry with numerous awards, including an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Sitges Film Festival. He passed away in 1995 in Saint Paul de Vence, France, at the age of 75.

Pleasence's interest in acting began at a young age when he joined a local theatrical group. He made his professional stage debut in 1939 and went on to work with several prominent theatre companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company. His first appearance on television was in 1952 in the series "The Vise." In the following years, he appeared in various television shows and films, eventually becoming a household name in the UK.

Pleasence's performance in "The Great Escape" alongside Steve McQueen and James Garner catapulted him to international stardom. He continued to work in both British and American productions, including several collaborations with director John Carpenter, such as "Escape from New York" and "Prince of Darkness."

In addition to his acting work, Pleasence was also a published author. He wrote several books, including his autobiography "The Pigeon Tunnel" and a memoir about his time as a prisoner of war titled "Wings of War."

Despite his success, Pleasence was known for being a modest and unassuming man. He once stated in an interview, "I've never wanted to be a star, just a working actor." His career spanned over five decades and left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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Tony Jay

Tony Jay (February 2, 1933 London-August 13, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Jay Snyder was a British actor, voice actor and singer. He had one child, Adam Jay.

Tony Jay began his career on stage in London's West End before moving to the United States to work in film and television. He appeared in a number of popular TV shows such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Cheers," "The Golden Girls" and "The X-Files." Jay was also recognized for his work as a voice actor, lending his distinctive baritone voice to iconic animated characters such as Shere Khan in "The Jungle Book 2," Megabyte in "ReBoot" and Claude Frollo in Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." In addition to his acting work, Jay was also an accomplished singer, having performed in numerous operas and musicals throughout his career. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 73 due to complications from surgery.

Despite all the accomplishments throughout his career, Tony Jay might still be best known for his work as a voice actor. He appeared in more than 170 films and TV shows, and his voice could be recognized instantly. Tony was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and was also an accomplished playwright. His work for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" earned him an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Male Performer in an Animated Feature Production. Tony was also a remarkable linguist, and he could speak several languages fluently, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Greek. One of his final roles was as the narrator for "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" video game, which he completed shortly before his death. Tony was a beloved talent in the entertainment industry, and his distinctive voice and commanding presence will always be remembered.

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Diana Coupland

Diana Coupland (March 5, 1928 Leeds-November 10, 2006 Coventry) otherwise known as Betty Diana Coupland was a British singer and actor.

Coupland began her career as a singer in dance bands and on radio programs in the 1940s. She later transitioned to acting, appearing in various television shows and films throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Coupland is perhaps best known for her role as Jean in the popular British sitcom "Bless This House," which aired from 1971 to 1976. She also appeared in films such as "The Plank" (1967), "The Two Ronnies" (1971), and "The Slipper and the Rose" (1976). Coupland continued to act in television and film until her death in 2006 at the age of 78.

In addition to her work in entertainment, Coupland was also a dedicated activist. She was a member of the Labour Party and campaigned for social justice and equality throughout her life. Coupland was honored for her work as an activist in 2006 when she was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands. She was also a supporter of animal rights and was a longtime vegetarian. Coupland was married to actor and comedian Kenneth Williams from 1957 to 1959, and later to actor and writer John Le Mesurier from 1963 until his death in 1983.

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Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn (January 9, 1920 London-November 6, 2012 Portugal) a.k.a. Dunn, Clive, Clive Robert Benjamin Dunn, Clive Dunn O.B.E., Clive Dunn OBE or OBE was a British novelist, singer, actor, comedian and author. His children are Polly Dunn and Jessica Dunn.

Discography: Grandad.

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Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown (October 21, 1933 East End of London-July 5, 1992 London) also known as Lillian Klot, Lillian Claire Laizer Getel Klot or Georgis Brown was a British singer and actor.

Related albums: Oliver!.

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Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee (December 19, 1944 Nottingham-March 6, 2013 Marbella) also known as Graham Barnes, Lee, Alvin, Graham Alvin Barnes or Ten Years After was a British singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician. He had one child, Jasmin Lee.

His albums include Saguitar, Zoom, Rocket Fuel, Let It Rock, In Flight, Detroit Diesel, Alvin Lee in Tennessee, Live in Vienna, Keep On Rockin (disc 1) and RX5. His related genres: British blues, Rock music, Blues rock, Rockabilly, Swing music and Blues.

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