Famous actresses died as a result of Hepatitis

Here are 5 famous actresses from the world died in Hepatitis:

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake (November 14, 1922 Brooklyn-July 7, 1973 Burlington) a.k.a. Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, Constance Frances Marie Ockleman, Constance Keane, Connie Keane or The Peek-a-boo Girl was an American actor and pin-up girl. She had four children, Elaine Detlie, William Detlie, Andre Michael De Toth III and Diana De Toth.

Veronica Lake began her acting career in the early 1940s and quickly became one of Hollywood's most popular leading ladies. She was known for her trademark hairstyle, the "peek-a-boo" look, where her blonde hair would drape over one eye. Some of her most famous films include "Sullivan's Travels" (1941), "This Gun for Hire" (1942), and "The Blue Dahlia" (1946). However, her career began to decline in the 1950s due to personal struggles and a perceived difficult attitude on set. Later in life, Lake struggled with alcoholism and financial troubles, eventually passing away from hepatitis and acute renal failure at the age of 50. Despite her difficulties, she remains a beloved Hollywood icon and her unique style continues to be celebrated to this day.

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Darla Hood

Darla Hood (November 8, 1931 Leedey-June 13, 1979 North Hollywood) also known as darla_hood, Darla Jean Hood or Darla Hood Granson was an American actor, child actor and singer.

She is best known for her role as the leading lady in the Our Gang comedy series from 1935 to 1941. Hood also appeared in several Hollywood films, including "Little Rascals" and "Babes in Toyland." In the 1950s, she transitioned to a career in music and recorded several singles and albums. Hood continued to perform and make appearances at various events until her death in 1979 at the age of 47. Despite her relatively short career, she remains an iconic figure in American pop culture, especially among fans of classic comedy and music.

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Yootha Joyce

Yootha Joyce (August 20, 1927 Wandsworth-August 24, 1980 London) a.k.a. Yootha Needham or Yootha Joyce Needham was a British actor.

She is best known for her role as Mildred Roper in the popular British sitcom "Man About the House" and its spin-off "George and Mildred." She also appeared in various stage productions and films throughout her career. Joyce initially trained as a dancer before pursuing acting and gained critical acclaim for her performances in plays like "The Killing of Sister George" and "Steaming." Despite her success, Joyce struggled with alcoholism and died of liver disease at the age of 53. Her legacy as a talented actor, particularly in British comedy, lives on to this day.

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Margaret Hayes

Margaret Hayes (December 5, 1916 Baltimore-January 26, 1977 Miami Beach) also known as Florette Regina Ottenheimer, Maggie Hayes, Dana Dale, Margaret 'Maggie' Hayes or Margaret Hayes Swope was an American actor. She had two children, Tracy Brooks Swope and Nan Debuskey.

Margaret Hayes started her career as a model in the 1930s before transitioning to Hollywood films in the 1940s. She appeared in over 40 films in her career, including "Blackboard Jungle" and "Terror in the Haunted House." She was also a regular on television, appearing on shows such as "The Twilight Zone," "Perry Mason," and "Gunsmoke." Hayes was married twice, first to Leif Erickson and then to Broadway producer Russell Crouse. She passed away at the age of 60 from lung cancer.

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Rainbeaux Smith

Rainbeaux Smith (June 6, 1955 Los Angeles-October 25, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Cheryl Lynn Smith, Cheryl Rainbeaux, Cheryl Smith, Cheryl RX Smith, Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith or Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith was an American actor. She had one child, Justin Smith.

Rainbeaux Smith started her career in the entertainment industry as a child model and later moved on to acting with her first major role in the 1970 film "The Seventh Seal." She went on to appear in several B-movies, including "Laserblast," "Caged Heat," and "Linda Lovelace for President." In addition to acting, Smith was also a drummer and played in the punk rock band The Runaways for a short time in the mid-1970s. She continued to act throughout the 1980s, appearing in films like "Angel III: The Final Chapter" and "Evil Spawn." Unfortunately, Smith passed away in 2002 at the age of 47 due to complications from liver cancer.

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