Bulgarian movie stars died in 1967

Here are 1 famous actors from Bulgaria died in 1967:

Encho Tagarov

Encho Tagarov (September 30, 1904 Kaynardzha-September 14, 1967 Sofia) a.k.a. E. Tagarov was a Bulgarian actor.

Encho Tagarov is considered as one of the most iconic Bulgarian actors of all time. He was born in the town of Kaynardzha, which is now part of Turkey but was previously part of Bulgaria. Tagarov's acting career spanned nearly four decades, during which he starred in more than 80 films and theater productions. He began his acting journey in the early 1930s after completing his studies at the State Academy of Theater Arts in Moscow. Tagarov is best known for his roles in films such as "Duma za ofitsera i gospozhaat", "Kitenska vecher", and "Kotlovina." In addition to his prestigious career as an actor, Tagarov was also a prominent public figure who participated in various artistic and cultural activities. He was awarded numerous accolades throughout his acting career and was even honored with the title "People's Artist of Bulgaria" in 1950. Despite his untimely death at the age of 62, Encho Tagarov remains a celebrated figure in Bulgarian cinematic history.

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