Bulgarian movie stars died in 1974

Here are 2 famous actors from Bulgaria died in 1974:

Petko Karlukovsky

Petko Karlukovsky (August 6, 1921 Byala Slatina-July 29, 1974 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor.

He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and made his professional debut on stage at the National Theatre Ivan Vazov. Karlukovsky went on to become a prominent figure in Bulgarian theatre and cinema during the mid-20th century, known for his versatility and emotional range as an actor. He appeared in more than 40 films and numerous theatre productions, earning critical acclaim and national recognition for his performances. In addition to his acting career, Karlukovsky was also an accomplished painter, writer, and poet, and was known for his love of nature and the arts. He passed away at the age of 52, leaving behind a legacy in Bulgarian cinema and theatre.

Neycho Popov

Neycho Popov (July 13, 1924 Burgas-March 20, 1974 Sofia) also known as Neycho Nikolov Popov was a Bulgarian film director and actor.

He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia in 1950 and began his career as a film director in the 1950s. He is best known for his films "The Tied Up Balloon" (1967), "White Magic" (1969) and "The Boy Turns Man" (1972).

Popov was also a talented actor and appeared in several Bulgarian films, including "When the Trees Were Tall" (1962) and "The Old House" (1963).

With his unique style, Popov brought a new perspective to Bulgarian cinema and was one of the leading figures in the film industry during the Communist era. Despite his premature death at the age of 49, he left a lasting impact on Bulgarian film and is remembered as one of its most important and celebrated filmmakers.

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