Bulgarian movie stars died in 1993

Here are 1 famous actors from Bulgaria died in 1993:

Hulusi Kentmen

Hulusi Kentmen (January 20, 1912 Veliko Tarnovo-December 20, 1993 Istanbul) also known as Hulûsi Kentmen was a Bulgarian actor. His child is called Volkan Kentmen.

Hulusi Kentmen was one of the pioneers of Turkish cinema and appeared in over 400 films during his career. He began his acting career in 1932 and quickly rose to fame with his talent and versatility in various roles. In addition to his successful film career, Kentmen also performed in theater productions and was a well-known voice actor for radio dramas. He was a highly respected figure in the Turkish film industry and received numerous awards for his contributions to the art form. Kentmen passed away in Istanbul at the age of 81, leaving behind a legacy that has had a lasting impact on Turkish cinema.

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