Bulgarian movie stars died in 2002

Here are 2 famous actors from Bulgaria died in 2002:

Shabtai Konorti

Shabtai Konorti (November 17, 2014 Bulgaria-May 27, 2002 Tel Aviv) otherwise known as Shabtai Konorty was a Bulgarian actor.

He is known for his roles in Israeli theater and television. Konorti immigrated to Israel in the 1940s, and began acting in the late 1950s. He appeared in numerous theatrical productions, and gained national recognition for his performances in "The Fire Raisers" and "The Dybbuk." His film career began in the 1960s, and he appeared in several Israeli films including "The House on Chelouche Street" and "Life According to Agfa." Konorti was awarded the Israel Prize for Theater in 1998, in recognition of his contributions to Israeli culture.

Vasil Popiliev

Vasil Popiliev (January 21, 1929 Vratsa-June 7, 2002 Sofia) a.k.a. Dedo was a Bulgarian actor.

He began his acting career in 1946 and soon became one of Bulgaria's most famous and beloved actors. Popiliev appeared in over 200 films and television shows during his career, and his performances were consistently praised for their depth and emotional range. He was particularly well-known for his roles in the films "Black Cat, White Cat" and "The Corridor", both of which earned him critical acclaim. In addition to his acting work, Popiliev was also an accomplished writer and director, and he was widely respected as one of the most influential figures in Bulgarian cinema. Despite his success, he remained a humble and generous person throughout his life, and he was deeply loved by his fans and colleagues alike.

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