Bulgarian musicians died at 80

Here are 5 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 80:

Lyuben Dilov

Lyuben Dilov (December 25, 1927 Bulgaria-June 10, 2008 Sofia) a.k.a. Lyuben Dilov-Bashta was a Bulgarian writer and science-fiction writer.

He was one of the most popular and beloved Bulgarian authors, who has enriched Bulgarian literature with over 80 works, including novels, short stories, essays, and science-fiction. Dilov was also a renowned poet and playwright, and he has translated numerous foreign works into Bulgarian.

Dilov's literary career started with the publication of his first novel "Unexpected Night" in 1957. He gained popularity with his science fiction works, which were well-received by the Bulgarian audience. His most famous science-fiction novel is "The Time Wanderers," which has been translated into various languages and adapted into a film.

Apart from his literary achievements, Dilov was also a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and an active public figure. He was known for his love of nature and wildlife conservation, and his efforts to introduce children to science and literature.

Lyuben Dilov has received numerous awards for his literary works, including the Dimitrov Prize and the State Prize of Bulgaria. He passed away at the age of 80 in Sofia, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable works that continue to inspire generations of readers.

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George Baker

George Baker (April 1, 1931 Varna-October 7, 2011 West Lavington) otherwise known as George Baker, MBE was a Bulgarian actor and screenwriter. He had five children, Sarah Baker, Tessa Baker, Charlotte Baker, Eleanor Baker and Candida Baker.

George Baker was best known for his role as Chief Inspector Wexford in the popular TV series "The Ruth Rendell Mysteries". He also appeared in several films including "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". In addition to his acting career, Baker was also a talented writer, having penned several screenplays and stage plays throughout his career. He received the MBE for his services to acting in 2007. Baker's legacy continues to be celebrated by fans of his work around the world.

He died in pneumonia.

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Naum Shopov

Naum Shopov (July 27, 1931 Stara Zagora-April 18, 2012 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor. His children are called Hristo Shopov and Liza Shopova.

Naum Shopov was known for his roles in numerous Bulgarian films and TV shows, including "The Tied Up Balloon" and "The Hare Census". He was also a prominent stage actor, having performed in productions for the National Theatre and the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Shopov received many awards throughout his career, including the Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius, one of Bulgaria's highest honors for contributions to culture and education. He was also recognized as a People's Artist of Bulgaria, an honorary title granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to the arts. Shopov passed away at the age of 80 in Sofia, Bulgaria, leaving behind a legacy as one of the country's most beloved actors.

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Hacho Boyadzhiev

Hacho Boyadzhiev (January 20, 1932 Sofia-April 23, 2012 Sofia) a.k.a. Хачо Бояджиев or Хачо Кирилов Бояджиев was a Bulgarian film director.

He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and began his career directing documentary films. Boyadzhiev later became the founder of the short film genre in Bulgarian cinema and directed numerous award-winning films such as "The Signature" and "The Bus". He also directed several feature films including "The Wedding" and "The Peach Thief". In addition to filmmaking, Boyadzhiev was a professor at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He was honored with many awards for his contributions to Bulgarian cinema, including the Order of Cyril and Methodius, the highest award for contributions to Bulgarian culture.

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Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov (July 11, 1864 Bulgaria-December 27, 1944 Bulgaria) also known as Peter Konstantinov Deunov, Master Beinsá Dunó or Beinsa Douno was a Bulgarian personality.

He was a spiritual teacher and philosopher who founded what is now known as the Universal White Brotherhood, a spiritual movement that emphasizes the unity of all religions and spiritual traditions. Deunov was also a musician, and composed over 1,500 pieces of music during his lifetime, which are often used in the practices of the Universal White Brotherhood. He traveled extensively throughout Bulgaria giving lectures and conducting spiritual practices, and his teachings continue to inspire and influence people around the world today. Deunov is considered a national hero in Bulgaria, and his legacy continues to be celebrated through various cultural events and activities in the country.

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