Cameroonian music stars who deceased at age 71

Here are 1 famous musicians from Cameroon died at 71:

Francis Bebey

Francis Bebey (July 15, 1929 Douala-May 28, 2001 Paris) also known as Bebey, Francis was a Cameroonian writer, musician, author and novelist.

Discography: Dibiye, Akwaaba, La Condition masculine, , Bia So Nika and Un Petit Ivoirien. Genres he performed include Popular music, Jazz, Makossa, Electronic music and Classical guitar.

Francis Bebey was born in Douala, Cameroon and grew up in a musical family. He studied music in Paris, France and became a pioneer in the fusion of African and Western musical styles. Bebey played a range of instruments including guitar, piano, saxophone, and the traditional pygmy flute.

Aside from his music career, Bebey was also a prolific writer and published numerous books in French, including several novels, poetry collections, and non-fiction works on African culture and music. He worked as a journalist and broadcaster in both France and Cameroon and was known for his knowledge of African music and culture.

Bebey's music and writing have had a lasting impact on African culture and he is recognized as one of the most important African musicians and writers of the 20th century. His work continues to inspire and influence musicians and writers around the world.

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