Canadian actors who died due to Peritonitis

Here are 1 famous actors from Canada died in Peritonitis:

Joseph Rutten

Joseph Rutten (May 5, 1931 The Hague-June 21, 2006 Halifax) also known as Joe Rutten or Joe was a Canadian actor.

He was born in the Netherlands but moved to Canada at the age of 3. Rutten started his acting career in Toronto in the 1950s, where he performed in various stage productions. He then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the 1970s, where he became a regular on the local theatre scene.

In addition to his theatre work, Rutten also appeared in several films and television series, including "The Pit" and "Emily of New Moon." He was also a founding member of the Neptune Theatre, a professional theatre company in Halifax.

Outside of his acting career, Rutten was also an accomplished artist and his paintings were featured in several exhibitions. He was known for his kind heart and generosity towards others, and he remained active in the theatre community up until his passing in 2006.

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