Canadian actresses who were born in 1999

Here are 6 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1999:

Brooklynn Proulx

Brooklynn Proulx (April 27, 1999 Cranbrook-) also known as Brooklyn Proulx, Brooklynn Marie Proulx or Brook is a Canadian actor.

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Claire Corlett

Claire Corlett (July 9, 1999-) otherwise known as Clair Corlett or Claire Margaret Corlett is a Canadian voice actor, actor and singer.

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Michelle Creber

Michelle Creber (September 7, 1999 Vancouver-) a.k.a. Michele Creber or Michelle Nicole Creber is a Canadian actor, voice actor, singer and dancer.

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Natasha Calis

Natasha Calis (March 27, 1999 Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor, child actor and voice actor.

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Erin Pitt

Erin Pitt (September 22, 1999 Hamilton-) a.k.a. Epittster or Erin Michelle Pitt is a Canadian actor.

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Kally Berard

Kally Berard (September 20, 1999 Winnipeg-) also known as Kally Liane Berard is a Canadian actor.

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