Canadian actresses who died due to Bronchopneumonia

Here are 2 famous actresses from Canada died in Bronchopneumonia:

Norma Shearer

Norma Shearer (August 10, 1902 Montreal-June 12, 1983 Woodland Hills) also known as Edith Norma Shearer, The First Lady Of MGM, Norma Shearer Arrouge or Queen Norma was a Canadian actor. She had two children, Irving Thalberg, Jr. and Katherine Thalberg.

Norma Shearer began her career in the movie industry in 1919 in the silent era. She quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the biggest stars of the 1920s and 1930s. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1930 film "The Divorcee". She also received nominations for several other films, including "Romeo and Juliet" and "Marie Antoinette".

Throughout her career, Shearer was known for her elegance and sophistication, often portraying strong and independent women. She was a favorite of MGM Studios, where she made most of her films, and she was often referred to as "The First Lady of MGM".

She retired from acting in 1942 after the death of her husband, MGM producer Irving Thalberg. In her later years, she remained active in various social and charitable causes. She passed away in 1983 from complications of pneumonia at the age of 80.

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May Irwin

May Irwin (June 27, 1862 Whitby-October 22, 1938 New York City) also known as Georgina May Campbell was a Canadian singer and actor. Her children are called Harry Keller and Walter Keller.

May Irwin was known for her performances in vaudeville and on Broadway. She was particularly famous for her comedic timing and her ability to connect with her audience. In addition to her singing and acting career, May Irwin was also a successful businesswoman, running her own publishing company and investing in real estate. She was a trailblazer for women in entertainment and is remembered as one of the most prominent performers of her time.

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