English movie stars died in 1968

Here are 5 famous actresses from England died in 1968:

Iris Tree

Iris Tree (January 27, 1897 London-April 13, 1968 London) was an English actor, art model and poet. Her child is called Ivan Moffat.

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Virginia Maskell

Virginia Maskell (February 27, 1936 Shepherd's Bush-January 25, 1968 Stoke Mandeville Hospital) a.k.a. Virginia Elizabeth Maskell was an English actor. Her child is called Nicholas Shakerley.

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Doris Lloyd

Doris Lloyd (July 3, 1896 Walton, Liverpool-May 21, 1968 Santa Barbara) a.k.a. Hessy Doris Lloyd was an English actor and voice actor.

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Lilian Harvey

Lilian Harvey (January 19, 1906 Hornsey-July 27, 1968 Juan-les-Pins) a.k.a. Harvey, Lilian or Helene Lilian Muriel Pape was an English singer, actor and dancer.

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Barbara Everest

Barbara Everest (June 19, 1890 Southfields-February 9, 1968 London) also known as Barbara Mary Everest was an English actor.

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