Canadian musicians who were born in 1951

Here are 24 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1951:

Doug Bennett

Doug Bennett (October 31, 1951 Toronto-October 16, 2004 Calgary) was a Canadian singer, musician and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Slugcology 101: A Decade of Doug and The Slugs, Tomcat Prowl and Animato. Genres related to him: Rock music, Alternative rock and Canadian rock.

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Terry O'Reilly

Terry O'Reilly (June 7, 1951 Niagara Falls-) is a Canadian ice hockey player.

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Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois (September 19, 1951 Hull-) also known as Lanois, Daniel or Dan Lanois is a Canadian record producer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, audio engineer, singer and film score composer.

His albums include Acadie, For the Beauty of Wynona, Shine, Cool Water, Here Is What Is, Steel, Purple Vista, Santiago, The Maker and Belladonna. Genres he performed: Folk music, New Wave, Art rock, Ambient music, Alternative rock, Folk rock, Pop rock, Experimental rock, Acoustic music, Rock music, Blues and Blues rock.

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Charles de Lint

Charles de Lint (December 22, 1951 Bussum-) a.k.a. Charles Henri Diederick Hoefsmit de Lint, Samuel M. Key, Wendelessen or de Lint, Charles Henri Diederick Hoefsmit is a Canadian author, novelist, writer, poet and musician.

His albums include Old Blue Truck.

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Ben Mink

Ben Mink (January 22, 1951 Detroit-) also known as Mink, Ben or Benjamin Mink is a Canadian guitarist, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and film score composer.

Discography: Alice.

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Willie P. Bennett

Willie P. Bennett (October 26, 1951 Toronto-February 15, 2008 Peterborough) a.k.a. Bennett, Willie P. or William Patrick "Willie P." Bennett was a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and mandolinist.

His albums: Collectibles, Hobo's Taunt, Blackie and the Rodeo King, Heartstrings, Take My Own Advice, Tryin' To Start Out Clean and The Lucky Ones. Genres related to him: Alternative country, Folk music, Bluegrass and Country.

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Janina Fialkowska

Janina Fialkowska (May 7, 1951 Montreal-) a.k.a. Janina Fialkowska, OC is a Canadian pianist and musician.

Her albums include Chopin Piano Concertos, Transcendental Liszt, Liszt: Piano Concerti, La Jongleuse - Salon Pieces and Encores, Fialkowska Plays Szymanowski, Pieces for Piano Solo, , Piano Concertos, and Mozart: Concertos Nos. 13 & 14.

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Lillian Allen

Lillian Allen (April 5, 1951 Jamaica-) a.k.a. Allen, Lillian is a Canadian writer, poet and musician.

Her albums include Revolutionary Tea Party and Conditions Critical. Genres she performed: Reggae.

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Billy Newton-Davis

Billy Newton-Davis (April 26, 1951 Cleveland-) also known as Billy Newton Davis is a Canadian singer-songwriter, singer, dancer and musician.

Discography: All U Ever Want, Spellbound, Love is a Contact Sport and Outta My Life.

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Brent Carver

Brent Carver (November 17, 1951 Cranbrook-) is a Canadian actor.

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Michel Rivard

Michel Rivard (September 27, 1951 Montreal-) a.k.a. Beau Dommage is a Canadian guitarist, singer-songwriter, actor, film score composer and screenwriter.

Discography: Québec, Bonsoir... mon nom est toujours Michel Rivard et voici mon album quadruple, Simple! (En spectacle intime), Bonsoir ... Mon nom est Michel Rivard et voici mon album double, Confiance, De Longueuil à Berlin, Le goût de l'eau... et autres chansons naïves, Maudit Bonheur, Michel Rivard and Méfiez-vous du grand amour. Genres he performed include Folk rock.

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Karen Young

Karen Young (June 19, 1951 Montreal-) is a Canadian singer and film score composer.

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Nick Gilder

Nick Gilder (December 21, 1951 London-) also known as Nick Glider, Gilder, Nick or Nicholas George Gilder is a Canadian singer, guitarist and singer-songwriter.

His albums: The Best of Nick Gilder: Hot Child in the City, City Nights / Frequency, You Know Who You Are, Longtime Coming, Rock America, City Nights, Nick Gilder, Body Talk Muzik, Frequency and Stairways. Genres: Glam rock and Rock music.

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Kevin MacMichael

Kevin MacMichael (November 7, 1951 Saint John-December 31, 2002 Halifax) also known as Kevin Scott MacMichael was a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. His child is called Cadence MacMichael.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Lisle Ellis

Lisle Ellis (November 17, 1951 Campbell River-) is a Canadian composer.

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Carole Laure

Carole Laure (August 5, 1951 Shawinigan-) also known as Laure, Carole, Carol Laure, Carole Lord or Carole Champagne is a Canadian singer, actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. She has two children, Tom Furey and Clara Furey.

Her discography includes: Western Shadows, Alibis, Sentiments naturels and She Says Move On.

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Tim Bachman

Tim Bachman (August 1, 1951 Winnipeg-) also known as Bachman, Tim or Timothy Gregg Bachman is a Canadian guitarist.

Genres related to him: Rock music.

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Shari Ulrich

Shari Ulrich (October 17, 1951 San Rafael-) a.k.a. Ulrich, Shari, Sharon Ulrich or Sharon (Shari) Ulrich is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, film score composer, presenter, actor, music teacher and multi-instrumentalist.

Related albums: Every Road, The View From Here, The Best of Shari Ulrich, Long Nights, 'Live' at Cates Hill, Find Our Way, You're Makin Me Nervous, The One and Only, Talk Around Town and One Step Ahead.

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Richard Darbois

Richard Darbois (December 7, 1951 Montreal-) also known as Richard Denis or Richard Guimond-Darbois is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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John Lefebvre

John Lefebvre (August 6, 1951-) is a Canadian lawyer, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter.

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Denis Gougeon

Denis Gougeon (November 16, 1951 Granby-) also known as Gougeon, Denis is a Canadian composer and music educator.

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Brian Greenway

Brian Greenway (October 1, 1951 Hawkesbury-) a.k.a. Greenway, Brian is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His most recognized albums: Serious Business. Genres he performed include Rock music and Hard rock.

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Danny Brooks

Danny Brooks (December 16, 1951 Mount Dennis-) also known as Daniel G. P. Middlebrook is a Canadian songwriter, author and singer.

Genres he performed: Gospel music and Blues.

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John Witmer

John Witmer (February 1, 1951-July 3, 2004) was a Canadian songwriter and singer.

Genres related to him: Blues.

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