Chinese actors who were born in 1980

Here are 11 famous actors from China were born in 1980:

Shaun Tam

Shaun Tam (July 30, 1980 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Tam Chun-yin, Jun-yan Tan, Tam Jun-Yin, Tan Jun Yan or Shaun Tam Chun-Yin is a Chinese actor.

Xiao Yang

Xiao Yang (April 7, 1980 Chengde-) is a Chinese film director and actor.

Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong (December 13, 1980 Hong Kong-) also known as Chung-Chak Wong, Ah Fei, Bosco Wong Chung-chak, Huáng Zōngzé or Wong4 Zung1 Zaak6 is a Chinese actor and singer.

Wong Cho-lam

Wong Cho-lam (January 9, 1980 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Cho-lam Wong, 王祖藍, Wong Cho-Lam, Wáng Zǔlán, wong4 zou2 laam4, ChoLam or Mr Credit is a Chinese actor, lyricist, presenter, comedian, impressionist and singer.

Lai Lok-yi

Lai Lok-yi (June 15, 1980 Hong Kong-) is a Chinese actor.

Alex Fong

Alex Fong (February 26, 1980 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 方力申, Alex Fong, ¤è¤O¥Ó, Fong, Alex, Lik-Sun Fong, Lishen Fang, Little Flying Fish, Siu Fong, Prince of Swimming, Foo Lik, Alex Fu, Fong Chung-San, Fang Zhong-Xin or Alex Fong Lik-Sun is a Chinese swimmer, singer and actor.

Xiao-su Ling

Xiao-su Ling (May 22, 1980-) a.k.a. Ling Xiao Su is a Chinese actor.

Tian Gao

Tian Gao (May 17, 1980 Beijing-) also known as Gao Tian is a Chinese actor.

Haozhe Si

Haozhe Si (April 3, 1980 Beijing-) otherwise known as Ray Si or Si Ray is a Chinese actor and photographer.

Zhong Kai

Zhong Kai (January 20, 1980 Changsha-) also known as Kai Zhong is a Chinese actor and singer.

Ye Jing

Ye Jing (July 10, 1980 Beijing-) otherwise known as Jing Ye is a Chinese actor.

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