Chinese actresses who deceased at age 56

Here are 1 famous actresses from China died at 56:

Beryl Measor

Beryl Measor (April 22, 1908 Shanghai-February 8, 1965 London) was a Chinese actor.

Beryl Measor, also known by her Chinese name, Mei Lanfang (梅兰芳), was a highly acclaimed Peking opera performer, known for her exceptional skill in male roles. Born in Shanghai to a British father and a Chinese mother, Measor started training in Peking opera at a young age under the guidance of her mother's uncle, a famous Peking opera master. She made her professional debut at the age of 18 and quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the leading performers of her time. Measor's performances were characterized by her grace, elegance, and mastery of the art of "female impersonation" in male roles, which made her a cultural icon in China. In 1935, Measor toured Europe and North America, performing to sold-out audiences and earning rave reviews from critics. She eventually settled in London and continued to perform and teach Peking opera until her death in 1965. Measor is widely regarded as one of the greatest Peking opera performers of all time, and her legacy continues to inspire generations of Chinese opera enthusiasts.

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